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Thursday, December 29, 2016

How Amazon’s Cloud Infrastructure for VMware Could Find More Uses

One surprising thing in it that Amazon Web Services has to run VMware virtualization software in their own cloud data centers is the way ... a cloud as it seems.

Amazon collects masses of computers "bare metal", which, unlike other AWS servers, lack of virtualization. This is because the VMware software is built using its own flavor of virtualization and that, in turn, AWS had to offer VMware servers a phalanx stripped of Xen virtualization, which runs the rest of Amazon computers, known collectively Such as Elastic Compute Cloud, the EC2.

AWS as product manager Matt Wood explained to Fortune in November:

We have partnered with VMware to bring its existing software stack to EC2. Customers told us they wanted AWS benefits and VMware benefits, but did not want to run our hypervisor, so they worked on a new EC2 part that allows VMware to run natively on EC2.

Think of VMware as offering a sandwich with peanut butter and jelly using your customers' bread. Now the customer wants to use the Amazon Pan, except the bread Amazon offers comes with a feature peanut butter. Following this analogy, Amazon has agreed to demold the peanut butter many loaves so VMware can make sandwiches using its own PB formulation and in The bread of Amazon.

In theory, this means that all major commercial customers - and there are many - who use VMware (VMW, -0.45%) to manage their own data centers can more easily move their workloads to AWS data centers using the cloud of VMware for the AWS product. This is an interesting proposal for companies that just want to continue running their virtualized applications as it is, rather than re-jiggering to run on Amazon infrastructure.

Virtualization, which allows a set of hardware to run more than one set of tasks is a key element of cloud computing, so bare metal is considered a kind of Uncloudy.

When this bare metal job was announced in October, it was painted as a single VMware option. But there are potentially other great uses for these servers without AWS Xen. Bare metal, for example, tends to be faster than virtualized hardware for applications such as databases that send large amounts of data in and out of disk storage.

"There is also a growing trend to put the bare metal virtualization containers to save on licensing costs and overheads, but it is usually for the private cloud," said Sebastian Stadil, CEO of a Scalr management company Cloud. Containers are a modern means that software developers to package applications that can run almost anywhere.

Bare metal is also useful for older applications, but it remains important that it can not be virtualized, for various reasons, he points out. Obviously, others saw opportunities. IBM (IBM, + 0.25%) and Rackspace provide the bare metal with other options in the more densely virtualized cloud.

When asked if in November AWS had other potential uses for these bare metal servers, Madera responded that there was "nothing to announce at this time."

Opinion is mixed among observers if the AWS company parlay this bare metal capability beyond VMware or only use it as a way to attract VMware data centers and powerful Amazon customers as some suspect, try to move them completely Amazon Under VMware).

"It would be reasonable to assume that once these workloads arrive at AWS, it is interesting to start rearchitecturer some (perhaps all a day) to run natively on the AWS infrastructure without the overhead of a VMware license declares Paul Miller , Senior analyst at Forrester Research.

Sateesh Narahari, vice president of Managed Methods Products, a cloud security company, also views these instances of bare metal VMware "as a transitory state toward the full cloud."

It is possible that even AWS executive does not know what will happen. The giant cloud is nothing if it is not pragmatic. If Amazon (AMZN, -0.89%) sees VMware's unique opportunity for the AWS cloud materializes in the middle of 2017, it will be built.

"If AWS can run the economy and infrastructure management - and tend to be good at this - it seems likely that we will see an AWS offers generic bare metal sooner rather than later," said Miller Forrester.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Amazon’s AWS opens its first UK region in London

Last year, AWS of Amazon announced that it would launch a data center in the UK to the finals of 2016. It is now the end of 2016 and, according to its word, AWS has launched its London region) "To complement its existing European regions in Ireland and Frankfurt, that opened in 2007 and 2014.

In total, AWS now offers operates between 16 regions with a total of 42 zones of availability around the world. That is up from 11 regions only a year ago and a number that is likely to increase throughout of 2017. The new region in London will have two zones of availability.

London will offer all basic AWS services (think in EC2, S3, RDS, etc.). It is worth noting that some of the more advanced tools of AWS like Lambda and its announced machine learning services will not be available in London yet. Amazon's managed email, file storage, comparisons, and virtual desktop services portfolio is not yet available in London.

"With the launch of the AWS Europe (AWS), AWS can make a great deal of unreserved uk, public sector and startup clients reduce IT costs, in the data needs and undertake rapid transformations in areas Critics, Analysis and Internet of Things ", Amazon CTO Werner Vogels writes on his blog today.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Moving to the cloud requires (and attracts) scarce, expensive talent, say 3 big AWS users

The move to Amazon Web Services is proving costly for Matson, Honolulu based shipping company that last month announced that it has abandoned its four data centers in favor of going all-in with AWS. But spending does not come from the leasing of AWS computing and storage resources. Rather, it's from Matson's salary is to have to pay for IT employees and developers who know how to make the most of what AWS offers.
"We were surprised by the compensation required" to attract skilled employees, said Peter Weis, CIO of Matson, at a round table at Las Vegas last week. "But we have adjusted."

Raji Arasu, Senior Vice President of Platform and Services for Intuit Financial Software Maker, and Dominic Shine, Chief Information Officer for Media & Real Estate Corp.

While the one-hour session was held at an AWS event, with AWS Vice President of Global Sales Mike Clayville, the three executives spoke frankly, answering questions from a group of 150 journalists from all over the world. The execs provided some ideas that could help other organizations think about their cloud computing strategy.

It has been difficult to find trained people, especially those who are willing to work in a company that is certainly not "high tech" or "biotech but sailing around the world", even though Matson has its computer center in Oakland, Near San Francisco , He said. Finding the best people "was and still is my biggest focus of interest." But an advantage in moving to AWS, he said, is that "when you are known as an innovator and a builder, using this type of tools, you are playing in leagues A, and you attract people of grade A."

Conversely, said Shine of News Corp., "You will not get any A-grade developers if you offer the opportunity to develop traditional infrastructure. They will not want to work there.

News Corp., the Rupert Murdoch company that publishes The Wall Street Journal and owner of publisher of novels Harlequin Enterprises and Realtors.com real estate site, has closed 25 data centers in its passage in the cloud.

"We have set a goal of transferring 75% of our computing power to the public cloud in three years and saving $ 90 million," Shine said. "Three years later, we saved more than $ 100 million in avoided capital and about 65 percent in the cloud." It's really transformed the way we work. We can count on AWS to give us a reliable platform that continues to grow, and our technology Teams focus on product development for customers.

Arasu d'Intuit sounded a similar theme. "Sixty percent of our users are working on things like data proliferation, lack of standards, security of hardening and breaking down to monolithic core in services." AWS meets these needs, which attracts us because of the AWS engineers are becoming an extension of our team.

Turbo Tax and Payroll, was "very attractive" because these products "have a lot of seasonal peak, which means there are periods of the year where there are tons of traffic being carried to Them. "The ease of expansion and contracting computing power and storage in the cloud is therefore a key benefit, she said.

Moving to the cloud is not a decision to be made by the IOC of a company, said Matson Weis. "This is a CEO strategy, and the board needs to fully understand it." It is not a spectator sport. "Everyone can play, including the CEO." There has been a fundamental cultural shift in the business, and the result is that people do not Avoid computers. This has created a lot of teamwork and good morale. "

Matson's move to the cloud "has created an audacity, where the speed of ideas in the senior team has increased, as they know that the IT platform can manage it," he said.

The treatment of increased latency of interactive applications in the cloud, as opposed to internal data centers, has been "a very different art and science that needs to be developed within an organization," noted Arturo Intuit. "We continue to work on this."

Sunday, November 20, 2016

AWS shines light on Virginia Solar Scheme

Amazon plans to open five new solar power parks to help make its AWS cloud data centers.

The last five facilities will be located in Virginia and will provide electricity to regional cloud centers in the eastern United States in Virginia and Ohio.

Amazon said the new signals will be installed in the counties of New Kent, Buckingham, Sussex, Southampton and Powhatan. Southampton factory will aim to produce 100 MW of power, while the other four have lower capacity of 20MW.

The new plants will join the 80MW farm in Accomack County to provide electricity to the Virginia Amazon AWS farm. In total, Amazon said it now has 10 solar parks on works at power plants in Virginia and Ohio that host AWS regional forums in the United States.

"We continue to advance our sustainability efforts in areas where the availability of renewable energy sources is low or proposed projects are blocked and where the energy contribution happening on the same power grid as the AWS data centers powers," said Peter DeSantis,

Amazon says that by the end of 2017 it is expected to have more than half of all of its cloud computing facilities provided by renewable energy sources.

AWS and other cloud providers have been subject to a review of the power sources used by their cloud computing facilities. Due to the demands of nature and the enormous remote power of most cloud computing data centers, the installation of these facilities in renewable energy sources and out of coal plants has become a problem environmental. Your strategies for cloud computing.

The announcement of the AWS comes amid speculation that renewable energy projects could take a back seat to increased fossil fuel production in the incoming presidential administration of Trump.

While the facility will be located only a few hours from Washington DC, it probably will not supply so much government work in the cloud. The Amazon Government Cloud Service is located on servers located in a center of the Pacific Northwest.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Pass AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam?

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

NZ first as Soltius seals AWS SAP Competency

Soltius became the first New Zealand company to get the SAP SAP Amazon Web Services skill, and only the second across the trans-Tasman region to achieve this status.

According to the world's cloud leader, AWS SAP Competency status is only awarded to SAP resellers who have demonstrated their success by helping customers implement, migrate and manage SAP applications on the AWS Cloud.

Soltius, which last year partnered with AWS to launch a New Zealand practice dedicated to the SAP Cloud, said that in addition to the new skill status, it is now also AWS reseller partner.

"As an AWS reseller, we are able to provide New Zealand companies with a wide range of additional benefits for the AWS," said Nick Mulcahy, CEO of Soltius.

"As an AWS Advanced Partner and Dealer, we can offer our customers significant cost advantages, including billing console, provide them with increased visibility of their AWS services and offer architecture consulting to optimize their use of the cloud.

"This is not restricted to SAP users either - we can offer these benefits to any New Zealand organization that looks to better leverage the AWS cloud to its full advantage.

As a leading information technology firm, 100% New Zealand works with more than 80 major national organizations to provide SAP solutions, support and advice.

In addition, the company has delivered more SAP ERP projects in New Zealand than any other SAP partner in the country.

"New Zealand companies of all sizes are now moving into the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, improve time-to-market and reduce costs," added Mulcahy.

"AWS offers a reliable and secure infrastructure platform that enables organizations to quickly deploy their cloud solutions.

"As the benefits of the cloud continue to grow, in many cases, surpassing on-site solutions for some businesses, it makes sense for us to be there at the front."

Soltius was the first partner in Asia Pacific to be certified as a SAP partner to achieve Gold status in New Zealand.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 37

Question No 37:

Amazon SWF is designed to help users:

A. Manage user identification and authorization
B. Coordinate synchronous and asynchronous tasks
C. Secure their VPCs
D. Help users store file based objects

Answer: B

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Here's what people say about working at AWS

Here's what people say about working at AWS, Amazon’s profit-pumping $12 billion cloud business

Most people know that the online shopping site Amazon sells everything from books to groceries.

But the real growth engine behind Amazon's cloud activity called Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is on track to more than $ 12 billion in annual revenue.

AWS is now the most profitable and fastest growing in the Amazon. In this step, you can also become one of the most popular places for engineers work.

We looked Glassdoor, Quora and other sources to see what people say about their experience working with AWS.

AWS has reached $ 3.2 billion in revenue last quarter, up 55% year to year. Only 10% of Amazon's total revenue ($ 32 million), but AWS is the most profitable business of the company with an operating profit margin of over 30%.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Easy Steps to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam

The first thing everyone asked some questions about the exam. What is AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam? And why would I even to need to take it.  First you probably know about the AWS and its Certifications. The answer is simple and straight.

AWS is an Amazon Web Services is a collection of cloud and computing services that makes up on the demand computing platform offered by amazon. There services operate from 12 geographical regions across the world

AWS Certifications:

AWS Certifications recognize IT professionals with the technical skills and expertise to design, deploy, and operate applications and infrastructure on AWS. Exams are offered in multiple languages at testing centers around the world.

Why Get Certified?

AWS Certification shows customers, employers, and recruiters that you have the skills and knowledge to build AWS solutions.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate:

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam is intended for individuals with experience designing distributed applications and systems on the AWS platform.


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AWS, Partners' Balancing Act Weighs on Users, Too

AWS partners are an essential part of growing ecosystem, but the choice of third-party services and the waiting game for native tools can create problems for users.

There is a constant balance between Amazon AWS and its partners on the best way to fill gaps in its cloud platform - and that creates a set of dilemmas for customers, too.

Amazon has made considerable efforts in recent years in expanding its ecosystem, with more than 2,400 partners in the AWS technology and consulting. At the same time, it is constantly producing enhancements to its cloud platform, adding hundreds of improvements and new services each year. These parallel efforts can create a strain that both sides are trying to fill the gaps. For customers, the uncertainty surrounding the evolution of ecosystems can mean difficult decisions for their own environment.

Amazon releases the minimum viable product and iterate from there to add more features, so the challenge is often decide to wait until these additions or go third, said Theo Kim, vice president of technical operations and safety Jobvite, Inc., recruiting software company in San Mateo, California. Kim used the example of Amazon Web application Firewall that he says has an excellent price point, but maintained for Jobvite awaited version that supports load balancing elastic (ELB).

Jobvite has its SOC II soon, so the company is in a logic test alert if Amazon is concrete. If the ELB support are not available in late May, Jobvite go with the third tool - you need something in place of the audit, despite the preference for native tools when all things are equal.

"It's always a dilemma we face," Kim said.

elastic storage file, still in beta, is another example where the company is heading to a third party, in this case, storage Zadara because not known whether the new storage service is worth the change.

"We expected and waiting and wondering if they will ever go GA," Kim said. "We could not wait, so we had to do something."

GREE, a gaming company based in San Francisco, uses systems aviatrix implement trans-regional clusters of CVP welled in AWS. the decision to build was taken vs. buy scenario, said David Pippenger, senior engineer operations. While in theory it could be aviatrix "squashed like a bug" if Amazon wanted to offer a similar service, GREE chose Aviatrix because he was able to essentially replace your network engineer by the third party vendor.

"It worked very well for us until the substrate and movement," Pippenger said. "We came out games and we should be dealing with the netting material."

Cloud users go through phases in which start with the basics, such concepts as EC2 instances, but it becomes a slippery slope from there, Pippenger said. Third-party tools can be helpful, but the first choice is to go with native tools if available.

"We have no illusions," Pippenger said. "It's all in on Amazon for us and all the goodies."

GREE has changed significantly in the containers and considered using Kubernetes rancher or to run on AWS, but finally decided to go with EC2 Container Service, as it was easier to align infrastructure.

In some cases, even if Amazon began offering a similar service would not be painless. GREE using other third-party tools for recording, monitoring and performance management applications, and there is a degree of dependence on a supplier involved because of the pain that would come with a switch, Pippenger said.

It is a difficult border of Amazon to manage because it is so focused on their community partners AWS said Robert Stroud, principal analyst at Forrester Research Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As increase in basic services for AWS, the sophistication of services partners must do the same.

"Amazon can not necessarily overcome the overall market and market segments for themselves, so they have to play with community partners, which is an absolute fact," Stroud said.

For users, these decisions are not simple and made case by case, Kim said. Many customers say that basic services are sufficient, but in other cases, the third tool is worth the extra cost because the features are so rich.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 36

Question No 36:

In the Amazon RDS Oracle DB engine, the Database Diagnostic Pack and the Database Tuning Pack are only available with _____

A. Oracle Standard Edition
B. Oracle Express Edition
C. Oracle Enterprise Edition
D. None of these

Answer: C

Sunday, April 24, 2016

AWS Summit: New Cloud Services, Expanded EBS Choices

Amazon Web Services announces new cloud services at their summit in AWS in Chicago this week, expanded storage options available with Elastic Block Store (EBS) and the addition of inspector and an accelerator data from Amazon S3 to your list offers.

Amazon Inspector is a service of safety assessment that can be applied in the future workload of an Amazon customer, while still in development in the customer premises. It has been available in the preview phase of several months and became generally available on April 19.

As agile development methods and other production speed of the application, the effort required to determine the risk of exposure and vulnerability can fall behind quickly output code, said Stephen Schmidt, Director of Information Security AWS. When applications are designed to run on AWS, "Customers have asked us to do the same rigorous safety assessments in their applications that do for our AWS services", he said in the announcement of Amazon.

Inspector provides APIs for customers to connect to service their application development and deployment processes.

Thus, the service can be invoked program when necessary and to conduct assessments at the scale at which the application will run in the cloud - something that can be difficult to do in the place where resources inspection and testing can be few. By having available the service, the code can continue deployment without having to wait for the developer or central staff to evaluate manually security, Schmidt said.

giving applications is a check when undergoing changes or increased use. An operator with AWS tags that identify the workload can run the service to an application via the AWS Management Console. The operator can order some tests off the list and set an amount of time running.

Inspector includes the ability to search a number of known vulnerabilities and collect information on how an application communicates with other Amazon services. He wants to know, for example, if the application uses secure channels and the amount of network traffic between EC2 instances. The inspector has a knowledge base safe operations with "packages" of related rules or regulations may be applied to different situations. Amazon updates the knowledge base with the latest threat information.

The results of the evaluation and recommendations for what should be done to reverse the vulnerabilities found the owner of the application are presented. "Inspector provides key of our security team of world-class learning," said Schmidt, guests can correct problems before deployment rather than after an incident occurs.

The second service announced at the Summit of 19 April AWS, Amazon S3 transfer speeds. Use the onboard network of the Amazon used to efficiently distribute content to end users from 50 different locations. The board supports the AWS CloudFront CDN network and quick to service queries DNS Route 53 responses.

Now sharpen network locations also serve as transfer stations data by using optimized protocols and advanced infrastructure to move data objects from one party to another country's network. Improving the transfer rate is 50% to 500% for the transfer of large objects between countries, Jeff Barr, head of AWS evangelist, wrote in a blog on the new service.

Barr said AWS has also increased the capacity of its data transfer device 50 TB to 80 TB of snowball. Users snowball load their data encrypted on the device snowball that is physically transported to an AWS data center. Data on a snowball can not be decrypted until it reaches its destination, and 10 snowballs can be downloaded simultaneously on a user account in parallel.

Besides the two new services, AWS launches two cheap storage options for running instances EC2, or for use with large data projects clustering Elastic MapReduce, Amazon version of Hadoop.
They are the two options EBS seek to combine the attributes of speed solid state drive with greater storage capacity and lower price per gigabyte hard drives. AWS uses two types of cloud storage to provide cold performance optimized HDD hard drive.

Optimized performance hard drive is designed for workloads of large data that could include, in addition Elastic MapReduce, such things as registration processing server; extract, transform and load tasks; and Kafka, high speed of the Apache Software Foundation may publish and subscribe system. It could also be used with workloads data storage. a price of 4.5 cents per GB per month will have data centers in Northern Virginia AWS. This price compares with the 10 cents per GB per month for storage units based utility EBS solid state.

HDD cool the price, even at 2.5 cents per GB per month. Optimized the same performance use cases meets hard drive, but would apply to jobs that are accessed less frequently, Barr wrote in another blog on April 19.
Both options are defined by their flow MB per second. Optimized performance hard disk provides 250MB per second performance data for TB will equip up to 500 MB per second for 2TB. Similarly, cold allows HDD 80 MB per second speed for each Provisioned TB data, building up to 250 MB per second for Provisioned 3.1TB data.

Both offer a basic performance and the ability to summon a burst performance level for short periods. Infrequent use of a built-breaking "blast bucket" or credit for time during the break system can be invoked, as well as the standard options of BSE type, Barr said in the blog.

"We listened to these volumes offer an excellent price / performance when used for large workloads data. To achieve performance levels that are possible with the volumes, the application must perform and large sequential I / O operations, which is typical of big data workloads, "Barr explained in the blog.

This is due to the nature of the underlying disks, which can "contiguous data transfer very quickly", but occur less favorably when prompted to carry out a large number of small volumes, random access E / S, such as those required for engine relational database. If these storage options are used for this purpose, Barr recognizes be "less effective and will result in a lower bitrate." General purpose ESB based on SSD would be a much better fit, he said.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 35

Question No 35:

Amazon EC2 provides a repository of public data sets that can be seamlessly integrated into AWS cloud-based applications.What is the monthly charge for using the public data sets?

A. A 1 time charge of 10$ for all the datasets.
B. 1$ per dataset per month
C. 10$ per month for all the datasets
D. There is no charge for using the public data sets

Answer: D

Sunday, April 17, 2016

CIOs Favor Microsoft Azure Over AWS, According to New Survey

In one trillion dollars now and the landscape today, the public cloud has already claimed 16.2% of all enterprise workloads, according to a new survey JP Morgan CIO. CIOs expect the percentage to almost triple in the next five years, however, sends it to rise 40.3% of all workloads, and let the hierarchy of existing IT providers in the important disorder .

In fact, as the authors of the report conclude JP Morgan, this "change of monumental architecture" public cloud "shows no signs of slowing down and is likely to create a significant ripple effect across the technology landscape."

Perhaps most interesting, however, is that CIOs expect to start cloud royalty. The answer, like pasta-news reference sites regularly, may surprise you.

Who's first?

When asked, "What a mega-vendor IT is more important and indispensable for the IT environment of your company in the future, and why," Amazon Web Services, the leader in market share by far, aujourd? alas, not at the top of the stack:

Amazon, which outperforms its peers in terms of cloud income- $ 8 million compared to $ 1.1 million from Microsoft or Google $ 500 million for Morgan Stanley estimates-is second remote location for Microsoft. Obviously, the AWS domination today is not reflected in the realm of affection IOC morning.

Where is?

CIOs have long worshiped in Microsoft and cut a lot of slack as he understood Azure. In 2013, a survey by Piper Jaffray found that 45% of CIOs chose as his "most important supplier" Microsoft, but at the time few would have pinned their hopes on the Redmond giant cloud.

Two years later, however, a survey by Piper Jaffray preferences clouds DSI in 2015 revealed a preference for AWS (35%), which was not surprising since Microsoft Azure in the second (21%), which was such time.
However, there is more to this story.

From zero to hero

After all, another way to read data from AWS is that was not even on the radar in 2013 when IOC ran Piper Jaffray research. Oracle? Clear. HP? Yes. Even Apple has made the list. However, Amazon? Come on. It is a seller of books!

In 2016, it is clear that AWS is a strength of the company, but it is not clear that the current generation of IT managers are prepared. Its developers, yes. But the IOC? Can be. Undoubtedly, most CIOs have probably not yet face the prospect of introducing a new "megavendor" in the mix.

Here it is what JP Morgan Research has to say:

"First, the appearance of AWS in the number two position signals a potentially significant change of the guard ... and reveals its return on investment, and to use the influence of computing professionals. AWS classification sends a strong indication that threats to, traditional site of infrastructure providers are serious ".
In support of this assertion, the report cites AWS CIO respondents characterized as "... a transforming power whose effects will be felt in technology, processes, development, etc." and indicate "many will be migrating to AWS resources over the next 12 months."

All this is true of AWS, but also increasingly true of Microsoft Azure. I suspect the same survey next year will show a dramatic increase mindshare IOC (even if it continues to accumulate proportion of the portfolio), with Microsoft Azure holding firmly with the affections of the IOC and get faster income that everyone except AWS. Meanwhile, when asked JP Morgan Research CIO these same sellers could lose share AWS and Microsoft Azure, 26% chose IBM, 15% chose Hewlett-Packard Company, and 14.5% chose Oracle.

All this indicates a significant change in the custody of the company, Amazon and Microsoft crashing the party solidify its already strong relationships with CIOs, like almost everyone loses. Now is the most exciting change that has seen in decades. Grab your popcorn.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 34

Question No 34:

Can I initiate a "forced failover" for my Oracle Multi-AZ DB Instance deployment?

Only in certain regions
Only in VPC

Answer: A

Sunday, April 10, 2016

AWS Appoints New Cloud CEO, and it’s about Time

Amazon has appointed Andy Jassy as CEO of Amazon Web Services, the opening of an internal promotion that has been long in the making.

Considered as a key influence in increasing the division's most profitable business technology giant, the coronation of Jassy as the main cloud comes in recognition of annual sales of nearly $ US10 billion for 2016 AWS.

Along with the appointment of Jassy, ​​Amazon also called Jeff Wilke the role of CEO in the world of consumers, such as areas of business in three main business areas in the future.

According to the recent letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to shareholders this year, Amazon became the fastest company never reach US $ 100 billion in annual sales.

"From the market, the first and AWS are examples of paris bold Amazon who have worked, and became our three pillars," Bezos said.

"And as we grew as a company and these three pillars have also increased, we have decided that it makes sense to change the titles of the leaders of these companies.

"This is not a reorganization, but rather a recognition of the roles they played for a while."
After joining Amazon in 1997, Jassy was elected first vice president of Web services in 2003, playing a central role in increasing AWS in 2006.

"When we wrote the business plan for AWS, I do not think all the bones that had the audacity to predict who would become so big so fast," Jassy said in an interview with Forbes in 2015.

Editor Jassy, ​​AWS has grown to receive more than one million active customers every month across 190 countries, 2,000 5,000 government agencies and educational institutions.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 33

Question No 33:

Is there a limit to the number of groups you can have?

A. Yes for all users
B. Yes for all users except root
C. No
D. Yes unless special permission granted

Answer: A

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Octet Replaces Ageing On-Premises Stack With Hybrid AWS Environment

Doubts about the reliability of its hardware byte cell site leads to move all your Amazon Web Services servers, while maintaining minimal infrastructure on the site.

 Byte when it was created 28 years ago, the only option was to build the company had a battery of traditional materials in place. Until two years ago, based on the Byte aging infrastructure to keep the business running.

Byte offers online portal that gives an idea of ​​the companies in the process of financial supply chain, including trafficking the option of paying suppliers using a method through exchange rates in real time. To date, the company says it has supported transactions between US customers and more than 10,000 suppliers in 60 countries clubs $ 1 billion.

 COO Michael Romanos byte describes the investment of the company in its traditional battery in place as like "watching depreciates nothing."

Ro said most of the time, the company was left guessing reliability acerca local servers were, as the company was not aware of their backup systems Whether or disaster recovery work.

"It could be extended downtime, and the problem with this is that you have to call the service provider to control the account manager, who had to enter the network technician, and all of a sudden, is almost five hours later, and nobody knows what happens, "he said.

 The most difficult problem facing the company, however, according to Rom, was the difficulty of the transition of information on new platforms such as home servers continued to age.

To solve the original problem, the bytes association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy a majority of its infrastructure in place for the cloud - to treat about two months had to fill. The deployment involved bytes moving business environment: as a file server and server development, construction and environment production environment that hosts the database server and Web company.

The only infrastructure in place that remains is the domain controller of the company, in addition to high speed, low latency line fiber optic Internet connection and a firewall.

 The firewall is crucial for business operations bytes, Romani said for the company to make some of your private servers Appearing, use the firewall to establish a virtual private network connection between the office and AWS.

Microsoft Azure also in close contention was Saeed Rom, but AWS Byte This felt was "more mature".

Total control

 According to Rom, since the deployment of ITS AWS servers, the company achieved more than the STI control environment, and reliable to create new instances and redirect the charges. I added flexibility of having to demolish and build a new environment using the underlying hardware and the latest versions of operating systems AWS is another advantage.

"Now that we have moved to cloud our ability to innovate and work with our product roadmap and valuable capabilities have increased significantly 10 times," I said.

Also byte reliable to operate with low latency, despite their servers are located in AWS. Rom added low latency is good role as part of the operational function of the company involves the volatile currency market.

"It feels as if it is a local experience, and all due to the fact that it is a line of low latency," I said.

Octet experience for customers - global financial institutions such as Westpac and Bank of Nanjing These are the holders of the Octet platform in different locations - also improved Saeed Rom. Byte no longer you have to depend on "an old uncomfortable physical server" when you want to change your environment, but instead can replicate changes in AWS.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 32

Question No 32:

True or False: When you add a rule to a DB security group, you do not need to specify port number or protocol?

A. Depends on the RDMS used

Answer: B

Sunday, March 27, 2016

AWS Launches Relational Database Migration Service

After a brief period m test that the client migrate viewed Los Mas 1,000 bases in situ data cloud, AWS has officially launched its base Data Migration Service. This is application-compatible with service cloud Live Migration Scenarios and clients who want to spend their DATABASE platform in the context of migration can, thanks to a free conversion tool pattern.

Amazon know the service took a fall in its annual Past re: Invent Conference offers to customers and a limited preview In A AWS region. Now based Data Migration Services (DMS) is open to ALL guests and is available in eight World Regions AWS. In a blog post announcing the general availability of AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr boss how to describe this Management Service works.

"The database AWS Migration Service works by creating management and replication instance in AWS. This instance Data Download source database and loaded into the target database, and can be used for a single Followed Migration replication continued to give today a whole Migration that involves a minimum of time. in DMS handles many complex details related to migration, type data Transformation conversion and Manner basis including the data Platform to Other (Oracle in Aurora, by . example) the service also monitors and Health replication instance, if advised by something goes wrong, there is automatically an instance: provisions replacement if necessary "

ALTHOUGH A DMS test has yet to be AWS - it is running in a virtual machine EC2 or basic relational Data Service (RDS) - The other end may be located in an accessible host. The replication instance is among the endpoints and manages the Secure Data. DMS Can Be As One-use or sea for Migration and continued replication between databases. Configure the migration task, the user chooses "Being A full load of existing data, a full load of data and ongoing changes m or just a replica of the ongoing changes m." DMS works with a wide range of data relational databases, there Peer to Peer Support to Migration, migration platform or another.

"Service Data Base AWS Migration Can Be As used for Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, MySQL, or Migration MariaDB. The service supports smooth migration as Oracle Oracle is heterogeneous between migration platforms different databases As Oracle Amazon Aurora or SQL Server to MySQL service data migration database. AWS can migrate databases situ on Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2, "the databases if running on EC2 RDS or vice versa as well One database to migrate another RDS RDS database."

What USING engine database is the source or destination, the user has no drivers to install or Hall DMS software para works locally and correctly. Amazon pisteytetty Surprised by the frequency with which the customer has been the Migration exists Both Basic Information Change engine s also more open position.

"Hundreds of customers is moved over a thousand your data base in situ Amazon Aurora, Other engines Amazon RDS or current databases if running on Amazon EC2 in the previous view of the DATABASE Migration Service AWS" said Hal Berenson, relational basic VP data Services, AWS. "customers have our repeatedly said they wanted faire un database engine YOUR AWS dATA site, and is also esta moving the basic engine options More open data But the response to the basic data Service AWS Migration FUE. Even stronger than expected in the survey, a third of Migration data base USING database AWS Service paragraph Migration mover No Solo the databases AWS cloud, but also change bases paragraph data Processing Engines in Him. "

Customers who decide to migrate to a platform DATABASE, it is said that no business using the tool conversion schemes for the AWS convert source schema and format: stored procedures appropriate destination. Specifically, Microsoft SQL Server and sea or Oracle Schema source formats and converts them if they run on the Amazon RDS instances based on PostgreSQL, Aurora, or MySQL. This conversion tool Free Functions As in the client software Windows, OS X, Linux or workstations.

Amazon is positioning esta As a form DMS affordable to migrate data. There is no cost m For Migration own software, is that customers must pay the cost of replication instance. These bodies replication "includes ample storage space for swap space, replication logs, and hidden data, most of replication exists Input data transfer is free." Two types of hay available for replication instance EC2 Instances welcome .. T2 T2 is a C4 offers Consumption and moderate burstable CPU Performance Amazon Recommends paragraph USE THESE develop there ProBAR Migration Migration periodic tasks or C4. For high performance and Baja not recommended for use in large databases latency. An instance T2 comes with 50 GB of storage in red, and red C4 cases includes 100GB storage. It costs $ 0.115 GB per month (US) for extra storage. DMS supports up to 6TB Storage para all instances of replication in a statement. De While the incoming transfer still Facts esta available, and transfers between data free bases, customers Same Area Availability of AWS if they transfer between Availability Zones, The AWS Regions, or environments Outdoor Habra by loading GB .

DMS user can migrate all tables in a source database or just a subset of tables. As you can imagine, hay About Warnings compatibility features for Oracle (source, destination), SQL Server (source, destination), PostgreSQL (source) and MySQL (source, destination) Migration of databases. Interestingly, sources of data are encrypted there is no problem DMS para.

"Basic Migration Data Service AWS Connect has Configuracion DATABASE Layer SQL Interface If you USING. Functions transparently encrypt data SQL Server or Oracle, the basic service Data Migration AWS will be able to extract the data decrypted These sources and replicated to the target m. This also applies to storage level encryption. As basic data AWS Migration Service has the base data source correct credentials, the Able sera ConectaRSE source and Facts the spread (decryption) is the target. "

Thursday, March 24, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 31

Question No 31:

Are you able to integrate a multi-factor token service with the AWS Platform?

A. Yes, you can integrate private multi-factor token devices to authenticate users to the AWS platform.
B. No, you cannot integrate multi-factor token devices with the AWS platform.
C. Yes, using the AWS multi-factor token devices to authenticate users on the AWS platform.

Answer: C

Sunday, March 20, 2016

What An AAPL Loss Means for AWS & Amazon.com, Inc. Stock

Amazon available recent decline illustrates why it is such a risky investment

During the last two days of this week, more than $ 10 billion in market capitalization increased from Amazon.com, Inc. (AMZN). Ironically, the markets reached their highest 2016 these days.

What a waste of AWS AAPL Media & amp; Amazon.com, Inc. The reason for the loss of Amazon shares was a report of the CRN technology site Apple Inc. (AAPL) takes its cloud infrastructure business (LAAS) elsewhere, specifically Alphabet Inc (GOOG , GOOGL).

Amazon Web Services or AWS, played a key role in supporting Apple's iCloud and other cloud-based services for years. Reportedly, AAPL spends about $ 1 billion per year in AWS.
Therefore, if AWS reality loses its relationship with Apple, Amazon shares could fall further? Or, is the loss and AMZN prices?

The Loss Means for AAPL AWS

First, the report suggests that AAPL spends about $ 400 million to $ 600 on Google cloud platform, which means that it remains a customer of AWS. So if this story is true, AMZN AAPL is not lost completely.

Bernstein Research estimates that AWS will grow 57% in 2016, reaching revenues of $ 12.4 billion. If AWS lose this activity, the growth rate is still an impressive 50% to 52%. When you consider these facts, the $ 10 million that Amazon stock has lost the last weekend of value takes into account the loss of Apple - which, incidentally, is only a rumor. We can not forget that the sources of CRN can be wrong.

A Major Problem for Amazon Stock

Although Amazon has probably provided most of their beats with the possible loss of AAPL as a client, the reaction of investors underscores a much larger problem. Such is the reliance on Amazon available on the performance of AWS and how quickly speculation may push lower.

Note, AMZN should create almost $ 130 billion in revenue in 2016. This means that AWS will represent less than 10% of total sales. However, it might well be worth half the $ 250 billion, market capitalization of Amazon, maybe more.

In April last year, I explained that AWS could be worth more than $ 85 million on the open market as an autonomous entity. This came after Amazon reported earnings of AWS, and its performance has released much higher profitability and faster as investors and analysts expected growth.

Since then, revenues and margins AWS rose even faster. Therefore, it is very possible that AWS is worth $ 125 billion to Amazon securities. If we assume that AWS can maintain close to 29% operating margin, a valuation of $ 125 trillion implies a price-FY2016-sale price of 10 and a benefit / FY2016 operating under 35s.

However, with such valuation related and well for the future of AWS AWS Amazon it is speculative, a perfect storm for risk of loss in case of bad press, or the disappointing results is created. The fact is that AWS may have captured more than 70% of new revenue "quota continuous flow" in Q4, according to Bernstein, but the likes of Google, Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) and International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) are all coming on strong.

Yes, AWS has much more capacity and is much bigger than any of its competitors, but as prices become more aggressive and competitors invest to increase capacity, AWS is likely to lose some customers over time.

And because of its valuation, investors should expect more days where billions of market capitalization eradicated in response to rumors, true or not, related to AWS.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 30

Question No 30:

It is advised that you watch the Amazon CloudWatch "_____" metric (available via the AWS Management Console or Amazon Cloud Watch APIs) carefully and recreate the Read Replica should it fall behind due to replication errors.

A. Write Lag
B. Read Replica
C. Replica Lag
D. Single Replica

Answer: C

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Why AWS dominates the cloud services market

In the latest report published by Gartner Magic Quadrant last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has maintained its position as the king of cloud Infrastructure as providers of a service (IaaS). Followed by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, the three cloud providers often called "Hyperscale suppliers.

What was more surprising was the news that AWS had more than 10 times the computing capacity utilization the next 14 largest companies mixed cloud.

In addition, AWS announced a measure that was difficult to combat: More than 1 million active users of business, not individuals. It was a metric that even Microsoft was being transparent about when reporting their numbers.

So how it is that no one has managed to oust his throne AWS IaaS? Then we offer a comparative analysis with the support of Gartner, and five case studies taken from AWS and Unicorn Fortune 500 companies.

Compare Magic Quadrant

Each year, Gartner published an analysis of positioning for players competing in the major markets of technology, called Magic Quadrant Gartner.

Using the graphical support and a set of evaluation criteria a Magic Quadrant lets you quickly determine how technology providers execute their visions and how they are performing against the notice Gartner.

In all types of Magic Quadrant, two axes representing the evaluation criteria Gartner - ability to execute and completeness of vision - provide four dimensions to map players competing: Leaders, Visionaries, Niche Players and challengers.

Leaders perform well against their current vision and are in good position for tomorrow, and Visionaries understand where the market is going or have a vision to change the rules of the market, but do not run not as good as the leaders.

Challengers execute well today or can dominate much, but do not show an understanding of market direction, while niche players focused successfully on a small segment and do not innovate or other overcome.

So what Gartner see that the forces of Amazon?
  • Diversified customer base
  • The widest range of use cases (native cloud applications hosting e-commerce, general business applications, Business applications, development environments and batch computing) → chosen primarily for strategic 
  • Large ecosystem of technology partners, including ISVs integrating their solutions with 
  • Extensive network of partners that offer the experience of application development, managed services and professional services such as data migration 
  • Richer range of IaaS and platform as a service (PaaS) 
  • Offers fast services and expansion of class solutions

However, Gartner also offered some drawbacks to offer Amazon: 

  • Perhaps a provider for complex 
  • The separate charges for additional items that are sometimes included in competing 
  • Support levels based on customers based on purchases of support chosen, rather than "relationship" or based waist and spending 
  • Broad capabilities means services that attract less interest customers do not get the same level of investment sought by 
  • New skills are often competing with products and services from partners AWS potentially leading to conflict ecosystem
Amazon has been in longer than the other two giants Microsoft and Google, which gave them a first-mover advantage in what Amazon calls the virtuous circle cloud business: pricing based on the value → more customers use plus more → → → → economies of scale infrastructure to reduce infrastructure costs → continuous innovation value / return.

Here's why large companies listed on the Fortune 500 list and Unicorn have chosen to use the AWS cloud to meet your needs.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 29

Question No 29:

In the 'Detailed' monitoring data available for your Amazon EBS volumes, Provisioned IOPS volumes automatically send _____ minute metrics to Amazon CloudWatch.


Answer: C

Sunday, March 6, 2016

GEANT Signs AWS as Cloud Provider

European research organizations and educational GEANT, which operates a pan-European network of 500 Gbps, announced that it has signed a historic agreement Cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As part of the (GN4-1) Agreement GEANT project, AWS has a waiver called "data evacuation costs" for educational and research institutions across Europe, up to 15 percent of total monthly expenditures on AWS services . The contract was negotiated over two years by the giant cloud brokerage unit.
The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of cloud services in research and education.

To date, payment structures offered by cloud providers were too unpredictable, leading to fears of large bills in the output data in particular "the cost of data service provider for Internet cloud. Given the vast and growing amount of data being moved by the users of research and education, the high variable cost is a real concern, especially when financial models are often dictated by funding rounds.

Commenting on this step, CEO GEANT Steve Cotter said: "This represents a radical change in the purchase and provision of cloud computing services for over 50 million users GEANT and partners of European national networks This also goes. to maximize the growth of the European digital economy, increased adoption of cloud services to improve the quality and impact of science and broaden participation in research and innovation. We highly appreciate cooperation with our partners in research and education and Amazon to bring this benefit to the GEANT community ".

John Boland, CEO of HEAnet project partner said: "We are proud of our commitment and contribution to this project because the exemption removes a barrier to cloud adoption by our customers."

Amazon Web Services is now part of the catalog of clouds Geant, a growing resource for the research community and European education with a structured more than 15 service providers and 25 different cloud computing services list. Provides national research and education networks (NRENs) with a quick and easy guide seeks to clarify the ability of service providers and their capabilities, contributing to the provision of services in the cloud.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 28

Question No 28:

In the context of MySQL, version numbers are organized as MySQL version = X.Y.Z. What does X denote here?

A. Release level
B. Minor version
C. Version number
D. Major version

Answer: D

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Carsales moves website into AWS

Auto ads Site Carsales has completed the migration of your website in the public cloud Amazon Web Services to achieve greater flexibility and to prepare for an active-active future.

The company is no stranger to public cloud services, after receiving your disaster recovery AWS for some time and its image in infrastructure for Microsoft Azure ago.

Until this month, the site Carsales was received in an establishment Hostworks.

But after being impressed by the performance of your disaster recovery environment in AWS Carsales it started there a year shifting your production environment in the same configuration described.

"Carsales used to be a monolith, which was basically a big piece of very tightly integrated code, and implementing the code once or twice a week," the group operations director Dmitry Carsales Kulchitsky said.

"In the last two years, we were on the way to microservices and the creation of a number of components: the Carsales site now consists of hundreds of parts that work independently most moving, but along with the other".

This meant that the company needs to ensure that any new platform could manage all these moving parts while being able to change the way Carsales wanted.

Earlier this month, efficient production and DR environments around reversed; the first is now in AWS and now is Hostworks DR.

While the actual migration that occurred in a day, Carsales engineers spent planning year, and testing and traffic are replicated to ensure the new infrastructure would be able to climb up and down and accept the amount of site traffic web is set to the maximum load.

Carsales decided to accept as its testing infrastructure in AWS, releasing about five or six locally hosted servers in the central office of the company.

The measure reduces test time of about an hour in minutes.

"What was important because we had much to do in so little time," director of quality assurance Scott Clements he said.
The test equipment for the preparation of production in four areas: performance, network security and scability.
Carsales imitating the production flow of traffic to the new environment, which showed an increase of 25 percent in the current production volumes.
"That gave us a lot of confidence in the new platform," Clements said.

future active-active

While the company was one of the earlier adopters of public cloud, Kulshitsky said Carsales only push workloads in such environments where it made sense.

"We realize that some have no place in the cloud, especially where there is no need for elasticity, we are very aware of it," he said.

All platforms that do not require elasticity Hostworks remain for now, he said, but Carsales engineers have their eyes on an active-active configuration in the next year.

"Our ultimate goal is to run an active-active to protect us from all problems in the regional center or data system," Kulshitsky said.

Before he can do that, the company will decide whether to maintain its fierce agnostic vendor or supplier standardization mentality would be more effective.

"We have two schools of thought about it," Kulshitsky said.

"Being with a vendor is easier in terms of ease of use, but do not like vendor lock-in, so we do agnostic cloud and have more than one provider?

"We quite like the way the Hostworks AWS and, for the moment, but in the long term, there is the temptation to standardize on a particular provider for simplicity. But then also be able to switch providers if Proposition best value ".

building abstraction layers was observed to enable its platforms to operate in any hosting provider could be the answer.

"It is difficult to run a Windows or Linux server Hostworks or AWS or Azure, there is sill a Windows or Linux server so you can talk to him in the same way," Kulshitsky said.

"We want our solution architect so that there is a layer of abstraction that speak directly to these components and minimize our dependence on one supplier."

Thursday, February 25, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 27

Question No 27:

When should I choose Provisioned IOPS over Standard RDS storage?

A. If you use production online transaction processing (OLTP) workloads.
B. If you have batch-oriented workloads
C. If you have workloads that are not sensitive to consistent performance

Answer: A

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Project Kratos Enables AWS Lambda Code to Run on Multiple Clouds

Iron provider of a message queue and a platform for job processing, announced Kratos project that can perform functions on multiple AWS cloud Lambda. Functions are executed within Iron.io containers that can be run on any underlying cloud infrastructure.

AWS Lambda is a service that allows developers to run code that is executed in response to events such as a downloaded image. The code consists of functions that act as event handlers.

When the event occurs, AWS is responsible for putting in place the necessary procedures to implement the code and scaled as needed. The developer is fully operational security details.

Kratos project provides a platform that aims to be an agnostic cloud by introducing another layer between the code and the infrastructure. This layer consists of containers that are customized for Iron.io. Lambda existing functions can operate within containers.

Iron plans to do the same for the functions of the Google cloud. Chad Arimura, CEO and co-founder Iron.io, had this to say about the role of Kratos in containers:

Kratos project has created tools of packing Lambda functions within a container. Even if you can not stand the exact lambda API functions can achieve the same thing using the parameters of Kratos, as Travis Reeder, CTO Iron.io.

Supports Java, Python and Node.js, AWS Lambda has existed since November 2014. Events can be generated from various data sources, such as Amazon S3 (for example, addition or modification of an object), Amazon Kinesis ( for example, connect the data stream) and Amazon DynamoDB (eg change log tables). AWS is responsible for setting the infrastructure manager level code is executed automatically.

The Lambda driver code can be written in an editor on the AWS console or downloaded as a zip file. The code uses AWS specific constructions and requires modifications to work with AWS infrastructure than then. Google recently announced a similar offering called functions of the cloud.

In Kratos Project, the containers are running proprietary components, so would not this lead to a lock-in with Iron.io platform? Arimura said:

Arimura added that "importers will be available to pack and easily transported lambda functions, but in the future will also include API support for real tool reuse" migrate existing Lambda functions to Kratos. Kratos will be a command line tool that takes care of packing, pushing and record functions of the platform Iron

Thursday, February 18, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 26

Question No 26:

Is decreasing the storage size of a DB Instance permitted?

A. Depends on the RDMS used
B. Yes
C. No

Answer: C

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nice, the high-performance computing company Amazon just acquired, has a heck of a customer list

Market-leading public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) has acquired Nice, an Italian company with a web interface for planning and monitoring of high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. The software should really be something, because he took the use of a long list of companies.

It is therefore not surprising that Amazon will not interrupt the service much. As head of AWS evangelist he puts yesterday in a blog:

"The Nice team marks remain intact and continue to develop products and support EnginFrame Cloud Office (VTC) and visualization. Customers will continue to receive support and world-class services, reinforced with support from AWS team. In the future, Nice and AWS will work together to create better tools and services. "

Of course, better services will strengthen the offer HPC AWS, "and that is certainly important that AWS is competing with Microsoft Azure (which bought the company in 2014 GreenButton HPC), Google Cloud Platform and other clouds.

But the other main attraction of Nice is your customer list. More starry than some other recent acquisitions of AWS, including Amiato, AppThwack and ClusterK.

A sample of customers from Nice
  • Airbus
  • Alcatel
  • Audi
  • Bridgestone
  • Bosch
  • CERN
  • Chevron
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Ericsson
  • Ferrari
  • Fiat
  • Harvard Business School
  • Hess
  • Honda
  • Jaguar Land Rover
  • Lear
  • Magellan Aerospace
  • McLaren
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Motorola
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Raytheon
  • Red Bull
  • Siemens
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Yale University
Now, Amazon is making money from these companies (if not already customers of AWS), because they will continue to use nice tools like EnginFrame interface, which has application templates that make it easier for less technical users put in running quickly. And it's easy to imagine the agreement to the deployment of large-scale work in HPC AWS servers.

But even with that said, Nice acquisition was not large enough to be significant; Amazon did not disclose terms of the agreement.

Belle began in 1996 and is based in the Italian town of Asti.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 25

Question No 25:

Select the correct set of steps for exposing the snapshot only to specific AWS accounts?
A. Select public for all the accounts and check mark those accounts with whom you want to expose the snapshots and click save.
B. Select Private, enter the IDs of those AWS accounts, and click Save
C. Select Public, enter the IDs of those AWS accounts, and click Save.
D. Select Public, mark the IDs of those AWS accounts as private, and click Save.

Answer: B

AWS Architect Solution Associate Exam Questions Video

AWS Architect Solution Associate Exam Questions Video:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Amazon expands AWS to game developers and Twitch

Amazon.com Inc. AMZN + 1.74% introduced a new service for game developers on Tuesday will integrate its network with Amazon Web Services cloud and streaming service Twitch video game.

The platform for 3D games, called Amazon Lumberyard, is a free engine that allows game developers to create high quality games, and store them in the AWS cloud to share with fans on Twitch. It Game Lift.

The company also announced Tuesday that allows operators based multiplayer session, such as e-sports, scale capacity up or down based on real-time demand games. Game Lift price of $ 1.50 per 1,000 active users a day, more than the standard rate for AWS.

The move comes as Amazon continues to expand Alternative uses AWS and expand its customer base. AWS revenue increased more than 69% to $ 2.4 million a year in the last quarter of the Amazon, giving a 7% of total sales.

Amazon shares fell 1.4% in premarket trading, putting them on track to open around $ 481.42. They decreased by 25% during the last three months, down from a decline of 10% for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

AT & T and Telcel get the other to go for the AWS band

AT & T and Telcel obtained the certificate of participation on the part of Federal Telecommunications Institute to participate in the auction of frequencies for mobile telephony in the AWS band will begin on February 15.

AT & T and Telcel obtained the certificate of participation on the part of Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), to participate in the auction of frequencies for mobile telephony in the AWS band will begin on February 15.

The available frequencies to be allocated under conditions which permit the use of a larger amount of contiguous blocks, encourage the deployment of advanced technologies, such as 4G and LTE (Long Term Evolution) in the provision of mobile services throughout the country.

The IFT reported that make available to the markets a greater amount of spectrum under conditions that favor its efficient use encourages users to access better services, particularly in access to broadband.

The regulator said that the resolution is based on full verification that both concerned met the requirements that credit their administrative, legal, financial and technical capacity, and criteria that promote effective competition in the bidding and prevent concentration phenomena opposites.

Both companies are subject to comply with the limits to the accumulation of radio spectrum set forth in the Tender.

The scheme will be under the tendering process Combinatorial Clock Auction, method by which many blocks can be auctioned in a single process that allows participants to have the possibility of flexible economic offers for different combinations of packages spectrum into two or more sub-bands or frequency bands.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 24

Question No 24:

In a management network scenario the which interface on the instance handles public-facing traffic?

A. Primary network interface
B. Subnet interface
C. Secondary network interface

Answer: C

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thanks to Prime and AWS, Amazon.com, Inc. Ended 2015 on a Strong Note

Retail and online services giant Electronic Amazon. today announced its results for the fourth quarter of 2015 on Thursday today. Amazon shares have taken it on the chin, dropping to 11.3% on Friday morning. After-hours action just after the publication of the results, share prices have fallen almost 15%. At both ends, the action was not seen explores negative territory since October.

13:00 Friday as Amazon shares were trading at about 8% below the closing price Thursday - or in line with the final trading Monday. And do not forget that the price of the stock rose 88% higher in the last 52 weeks.

While Amazon may equal the annual income and the value of market capitalization with leading traditional retailers out there, investors still seem often treated as a minnow highly volatile growth.

Amazon Q4 results in figures

What happened with Amazon this quarter?

The company has met or exceeded all of its official objectives in the fourth quarter. Always you look the neighborhood called "miss" because Wall Street analysts had put their estimates above the official forecast of Amazon, and this is probably the reason for the drop in its share price.
  •   . The comparison of results from Amazon orientation objectives since the last report stated, revenues are above the average of the official guide fork. Operating profit fell near the top of the target range of Amazon, which lasted from $ 80 million to $ 1.28 billion.
  •   costs of stock-based compensation for the quarter ended in $ 606 million, a little less than $ 620 million that has been cooked in operating profit forecasts.
  •   platform cloud computing known as Amazon Web Services or AWS, saw its fourth-quarter sales up 69% year over year to $ 2.4 billion. AWS segment provides 6.7% of all revenues from Amazon, but 39% of operating income in the segment of society.
  •   Do not know exactly how much Amazon Prime members of the company, but the first Rolodex paying subscribers worldwide increased 51% larger from year to year.
Looking ahead, Amazon did not provide guidance not in a full year, but always financial targets for the first quarter of 2016.
  •   Net sales are up about 23% year on year, landing close to $ 27.8 billion.
  •   Operating income must stop at about $ 400 million, if the forecast range is only $ 100 million all the way up $ 700 million. In the period last year, operating income was $ 255 million.
  •   The operating profit target includes about $ 600 million in compensation expense based on expected actions.
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. Source:

The management had to say

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wax poetic growth his company has seen. "Twenty years ago, I drove parcels to the post office and hope we can someday allow a forklift," Bezos said in a press release. "This year, we spent $ 100 billion in annual sales and serve 300 million customers."

Although Bezos still sees plenty of room for future growth, "And yet, as measured by the dynamism that we see around the market and constantly expanding opportunities as we invent on behalf of customers, which feels every bit like Day 1 ".

In the earnings call with analysts, CFO Brian Olsavsky adds color to the rapid growth and the innate value of Amazon Premium in general and Prime video service includes in particular:

When the first video is first used by our members, which promotes the adoption and retention test freely convertible higher rate, and increased turnover for subscribers.So what encouraged us was that by Q4, Overall, our first members the number of hours of listening to the first video from year to year doubled. And internationally, we had twice as many members of transmitting Prime members year after year.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 23

Question No 23:

Which Amazon storage do you think is the best for my database-style applications that frequently encounter many random reads and writes across the dataset?

A. None of these.
B. Amazon Instance Storage
C. Any of these
D. Amazon EBS

Answer: D

Sunday, January 24, 2016

AWS WorkMail vs Gmail vs Outlook - Amazon's WorkMail app is just like every other email service on the web

Online messaging services are becoming cheaper and easier to implement for companies that want to move their email to the cloud and keep employees connected when working on the move
Amazon Web Services (AWS) market access email busiest early 2015 with cloud-based Workmail -
another expansion of its growing portfolio of software and professional services - before expanding to the region the EU in early 2016.

With Workmail, users can access their account through Microsoft Outlook, a native application in the Web browser, or through iOS and Android messaging applications.

But with a series of cloud messaging services already established available, AWS can compete with the likes of Microsoft and Google?

AWS Workmail: Features

Workmail is keen to promote its integrated security features, which are in line with those of most of AWS services. Encryption key is managed by the AWS Management Service and all the data is encrypted automatically "resting", using their own encryption keys. The data traffic is encrypted with SSL industry standard.

There is an easy to use option to decide which area you want your data stored in, contributing to latency and compliance issues.

These assurances have not stopped some commentators expressing concern about Amazon manage its data for e-commerce, or if asked to give law enforcement communications. This is of particular concern that the proposed powers of investigation of the bill in Parliament this year.

In comparison, Gmail offers similar guarantees encryption, some certificates of compliance and administration tools for verification and access control. Outlook offers unique level of compliance and corporate security functions such as encryption levels E3 and E5 company and Microsoft does not automatically encrypts emails.

Workmail is mobile optimized, with system administrators with the ability to enforce device encryption requires locking devices, specify password strength requirements, and wipe devices remotely using the AWS Management Console.

AWS Workmail: Web client

The Web client itself is very similar to that of rivals Gmail and Outlook.
The look and feel is very simple, with regular input tray, outbox, sent items, and deleted the list on the left side of the page. Workmail as Gmail more feature-rich in this regard, including the central system folders to organize your inbox and tabs for calendar and contacts from Outlook.

Workmail integrates naturally with WorkDocs too, so that teams can collaborate on documents much like Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint. There is also a built-in calendar function that is in line with rival services.

AWS Workmail: Getting Started

AWS Workmail opened its application for European users through its region of Ireland in January.
Mail domain for your company must be registered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Once registered, log on to the console and make sure to change your region Ireland in the upper right corner (we automatically gave Oregon) Workmail and select the tab or section enterprise application services.
You can create a new organization and personalized email domain in the cloud, or to connect to webmail service with your local phone book for existing users to access the platform.

Setup takes about 20 minutes (I am now the proud owner of the email user@scarey.awsapps.com domain) if you are starting from scratch and does not migrate an existing directory. Mailboxes are encrypted with the default key service your account. Later, you can manage your organization by adding mail domains, users, groups and resources, and mobile device policies.

AWS Workmail: Price

Amazon Workmail is the cheapest of the three main options at a price of $ 4 (£ 2.80) per user per month, which includes 50 GB of storage per user. This can be delivered with WorkDocs added by $ 1 per user per month.

Gmail applications have only two price levels, at £ 3.30 per user per month, and the premium of £ 6.60. Offers 30GB of storage base, meetings HD video through Hangouts, and 24/7 support beams in Google Docs, and slides. Prime comes with unlimited data storage and advanced management controls.

Outlook comes as part of a subscription to Office 365, which has six levels, which are detailed in this distribution, with essentials £ 3.10 per user per month.

AWS Workmail: Competition

Microsoft Outlook offers cloud-based mobile devices and an online version of your inbox via Office 365 logon applications. Yahoo and Gmail have options for corporate users of consumer products will be familiar messaging.

In fact, most users are willing to use email application on your phone by connecting to these mailboxes as Apple Mail. Android users generally use Gmail on Android pre-loaded application. This means new messaging platform faces an uphill battle to win new customers.

Dropbox acts as a warning to companies trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to an email. The company acquired document storage and collaboration pursuant popular mailbox for about $ 100 million in 2013, but the company has killed just two years later.

In his excellent article on the subject of The Verge Casey Newton said. "The market for productivity applications consumers, which has led companies like Dropbox and Evernote for multibillion valuations, proved to be a mirage Companies are increasingly more willing to buy the software for their employees time, people are often reluctant to buy the software for themselves and for all you have done well, the mailbox has never been more than an alternative user interface. other corporate mail servers. There was a lot of intelligence in it, but no money. "

AWS Workmail: Verdict

AWS Workmail not expect to change the way you use email. In essence, this is another mail server that will take over a striking resemblance to a popular service used in the past. It is easy to configure and manage, and the Web client is practical without seeking anything innovative in terms of functionality and design.
If your company is already using AWS services may be useful to configure your mail domain through Workmail for convenience.

However, if you already use Gmail or Outlook not rush me to migrate.