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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Project Kratos Enables AWS Lambda Code to Run on Multiple Clouds

Iron provider of a message queue and a platform for job processing, announced Kratos project that can perform functions on multiple AWS cloud Lambda. Functions are executed within Iron.io containers that can be run on any underlying cloud infrastructure.

AWS Lambda is a service that allows developers to run code that is executed in response to events such as a downloaded image. The code consists of functions that act as event handlers.

When the event occurs, AWS is responsible for putting in place the necessary procedures to implement the code and scaled as needed. The developer is fully operational security details.

Kratos project provides a platform that aims to be an agnostic cloud by introducing another layer between the code and the infrastructure. This layer consists of containers that are customized for Iron.io. Lambda existing functions can operate within containers.

Iron plans to do the same for the functions of the Google cloud. Chad Arimura, CEO and co-founder Iron.io, had this to say about the role of Kratos in containers:

Kratos project has created tools of packing Lambda functions within a container. Even if you can not stand the exact lambda API functions can achieve the same thing using the parameters of Kratos, as Travis Reeder, CTO Iron.io.

Supports Java, Python and Node.js, AWS Lambda has existed since November 2014. Events can be generated from various data sources, such as Amazon S3 (for example, addition or modification of an object), Amazon Kinesis ( for example, connect the data stream) and Amazon DynamoDB (eg change log tables). AWS is responsible for setting the infrastructure manager level code is executed automatically.

The Lambda driver code can be written in an editor on the AWS console or downloaded as a zip file. The code uses AWS specific constructions and requires modifications to work with AWS infrastructure than then. Google recently announced a similar offering called functions of the cloud.

In Kratos Project, the containers are running proprietary components, so would not this lead to a lock-in with Iron.io platform? Arimura said:

Arimura added that "importers will be available to pack and easily transported lambda functions, but in the future will also include API support for real tool reuse" migrate existing Lambda functions to Kratos. Kratos will be a command line tool that takes care of packing, pushing and record functions of the platform Iron

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