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Monday, November 30, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 14

Question No 14:

Select the correct statement:

You don't need not specify the resource identifier while stopping a resource
You can terminate, stop, or delete a resource based solely on its tags
You can't terminate, stop, or delete a resource based solely on its tags
You don't need to specify the resource identifier while terminating a resource

Answer: C

Sunday, November 29, 2015

AWS launches EC2 Dedicated Hosts

New cloud server control functionality mimics the sub-recumbent Physical

AWS Availability of a set of their new EC2 has dedicated Guest converter will allow organizations to run cloud servers that are fully compatible with software licenses purchased.

It is designed for companies that have acquired either licenses for software that allows for an application on a server with certain Tomas UN Number or physical cores or may be required to run specific server for a certain period of time. This AWS Licenses Pour this a Windows Server, Windows, SQL Server, Oracle Database, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server These often include requirements.

The service provides visibility into the number of hearts and plugs are available for Physical If users can obtain and use party software licenses that are good for the actual supplies, according to Jeff Barr, director of AWS evangelist.

He said in a blog billet That would help in Reunion respect and regulatory requirements.

"You can assign dedicated hosts and use applications to run on hardware that is fully dedicated to your drive utilization," he said.

Organizations can also use AWS converter Config trace the history of instances that starts and stops at each of their reserved guests. These data can be used to verify converter utilization measures against the granting of licenses. Companies can also have "a grain fin" monitor the implementation of EC2 Instances in every dedicated server.

Instances launched in the hosts should always dedicated RESIDER In VPC, but can not make use groups sites. Auto Scaling is not supported, and neither is RDS.

Barr said what were now available a dedicated hosts and can be launched from the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), AWS Pour Tools Windows PowerShell or through the code that calls made to AWS SDK.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The new AWS region is set to further cloud adoption in the UK

With the steady increase in the adoption AWS UK, it should be no surprise that AWS will be adding a new region of the United Kingdom in late 2016.

Last week, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels announced the new AWS region between the other five regions of the United Kingdom, which will open in 2016: India, Ohio, South Korea, the United Kingdom and a second region in China.

The new regions are welcome to British companies are interested in adding cloud migration, but are struggling with issues of sovereignty data, increased regulatory restrictions and increased importance of security threats. Companies must balance the risk of migration of clouds against local regulations associated with the rising costs of suppliers and / or inner housing.

With the new region of the United Kingdom further barrier to cloud adoption it is eliminated, allowing companies to take advantage of significant savings and better performance of AWS while reducing the regulatory risk of data stored outside the United United.

New AWS region is even more important in light of the input / output imminent EU referendum in 2017. If the UK opt out of the EU, the data is loaded to remain in the UK. This uncertainty has caused many companies AWS to delay adoption plans for fear that the referendum would force them to go through the time and expense of two draft migration: AWS and outside the platform shortly thereafter. The new zone allows businesses to securely hold AWS Regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

The remaining barriers to cloud adoption are usually a variety of security issues, and security will undoubtedly continue to drive the cloud almost every conversation. However, with the failure of local providers of accommodation to offer transparency in security practices, the recent violations of these providers, and increased cloud education, have those conversations were of "is the public cloud safe?" To "How can we have data protection offers public cloud?"

Consequently, a larger volume of British companies will be willing to trust critical workloads in the cloud. AWS provides native features to protect your security infrastructure common As DDoS attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc., while maintaining the sovereignty of the data.

AWS is working feverishly to remove obstacles to the adoption of large-scale cloud and with the new region of the United Kingdom, businesses are prepared to harness the performance, computing power, and the degree of AWS platform. It's an exciting time to be in the UK and see the transformation taking place now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 13

Question No 13:

instance is launched, can I change the VPC security groups it belongs to?

AWS Account

Answer: A

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Smart421 beefs up AWS support offering

Smart421 beefs up AWS support offering:


Amazon Web Services (AWS) to couple said Smart 421 is able to provide 'unknown' customer support levels after splashing out on level of business support AWS Premium.

In the past, Smart421 offered what is known as the business support, but after investing "significantly" now can offer its customers the improved version.

The Luxury provide help both first contact Smart421 clients also support the rapid response of 15 minutes. Plumping for this offer customers can receive support throughout the day.

Joseph head of marketing told RCN Launches dealer knows of no other company in the UK offering this level of support and said the amount spent on support was not small.

"This kind of thing is unheard of," he said. "The price of access is important, and this was an important investment for us. We pass on this benefit to our customers. We want to put our customers there first."

He said providing the highest level of support set out Smart421 rivals.
"It helps us take action against the competitive threat that we see in the channel," he said.

"Are we afraid of [competitors]? No. Do not care what they do? They look at what they do, but we are not bothered by what they do. And that they do not care about it is that we move forward with our partnership strategy - is expected, supported and is growing. "

Thursday, November 12, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 12

Question No 12:

After an Amazon VPC instance is launched, can I change the VPC security groups it belongs to?

Only if the tag "VPC_Change_Group" is true
Yes. You can.
No. You cannot.
Only if the tag "VPC Change Group" is true

Answer: B

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question:

Sunday, November 8, 2015

AWS announces UK region offering local cloud storage in wake of Safe Harbour ruling

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new region of the United Kingdom for their cloud services. It is expected that the operation in the UK will be completed in late 2016, and the facility will strengthen the existing regional AWS deals in Dublin and Frankfurt.

The news has a double impact for customers in the UK. Operationally, lower latency is created, the greater the flow of offers for customers significantly affect organizations such as Channel 4 using AWS as the backbone of his All 4 service.

The second aspect is the ongoing controversy surrounding the decision safe harbor. British companies will now be able to store data in the UK, avoiding any nasty law governing access to files that exist in other countries.

Of course, the news comes in the same week that the Charter called snoops was revealed, which includes a number of provisions that will make the UK less attractive based storage.

Government CTO Liam Maxwell was glowing in his praise of the decision of the Amazon and spoke of the need for data storage on land.

"It's great to see that AWS provides cloud services for business data centers in the UK. This means not only a significant investment in the UK economy, but the most healthy competition and innovation in the data center market in the United Kingdom.

"This is good news for the government of the UK due to the large amount of data we have that should be kept on the ground," he said.

The announcement of a region of the UK comes just one day after Amazon unveiled a series of new data centers in South Korea. Jeff Barr, one of the leading evangelists AWS cloud, said in a blog: "We have always believed that it should be able to exercise full control over which data is stored and where it is processed."

That's very noble, but Amazon had probably not opt ​​for Theresa May.

We reported last month at an Australian university who had taken the decision to move to Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 explicitly that your data is stored in Europe rather than the United States. It is an illustration of what is involved in planning a cloud infrastructure

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 11

Question No 11:

Every user you create in the IAM system starts with ______.

Full permissions
No permissions
Partial permissions

Answer: B

Thursday, November 5, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 10

Question No 10:

If you are using Amazon RDS Provisioned IOPS storage with MySQL and Oracle database engines, you can scale the throughput of your database Instance by specifying the IOPS rate from _____ .

1,000 to 1,00,000
100 to 1,000
10,000 to 1,00,000
1,000 to 10,000

Answer: D

Sunday, November 1, 2015

AWS Re:Invent 2015: 11 Storage Products For AWS Clouds

Cloud Storage full size:

Cloud Storage full size Storage is a key component of public and private clouds, and that makes the central storage for AWS recently concluded re: Invent conference in Las Vegas. The show attracted 19,000 members of the community and Amazon introduced a barrage of upcoming features in the pipeline large cloud world. Intrigued by the possibilities? Turn the page to visit AWS re: Invent and some storage technologies