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Sunday, November 29, 2015

AWS launches EC2 Dedicated Hosts

New cloud server control functionality mimics the sub-recumbent Physical

AWS Availability of a set of their new EC2 has dedicated Guest converter will allow organizations to run cloud servers that are fully compatible with software licenses purchased.

It is designed for companies that have acquired either licenses for software that allows for an application on a server with certain Tomas UN Number or physical cores or may be required to run specific server for a certain period of time. This AWS Licenses Pour this a Windows Server, Windows, SQL Server, Oracle Database, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server These often include requirements.

The service provides visibility into the number of hearts and plugs are available for Physical If users can obtain and use party software licenses that are good for the actual supplies, according to Jeff Barr, director of AWS evangelist.

He said in a blog billet That would help in Reunion respect and regulatory requirements.

"You can assign dedicated hosts and use applications to run on hardware that is fully dedicated to your drive utilization," he said.

Organizations can also use AWS converter Config trace the history of instances that starts and stops at each of their reserved guests. These data can be used to verify converter utilization measures against the granting of licenses. Companies can also have "a grain fin" monitor the implementation of EC2 Instances in every dedicated server.

Instances launched in the hosts should always dedicated RESIDER In VPC, but can not make use groups sites. Auto Scaling is not supported, and neither is RDS.

Barr said what were now available a dedicated hosts and can be launched from the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), AWS Pour Tools Windows PowerShell or through the code that calls made to AWS SDK.

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