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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thanks to Prime and AWS, Amazon.com, Inc. Ended 2015 on a Strong Note

Retail and online services giant Electronic Amazon. today announced its results for the fourth quarter of 2015 on Thursday today. Amazon shares have taken it on the chin, dropping to 11.3% on Friday morning. After-hours action just after the publication of the results, share prices have fallen almost 15%. At both ends, the action was not seen explores negative territory since October.

13:00 Friday as Amazon shares were trading at about 8% below the closing price Thursday - or in line with the final trading Monday. And do not forget that the price of the stock rose 88% higher in the last 52 weeks.

While Amazon may equal the annual income and the value of market capitalization with leading traditional retailers out there, investors still seem often treated as a minnow highly volatile growth.

Amazon Q4 results in figures

What happened with Amazon this quarter?

The company has met or exceeded all of its official objectives in the fourth quarter. Always you look the neighborhood called "miss" because Wall Street analysts had put their estimates above the official forecast of Amazon, and this is probably the reason for the drop in its share price.
  •   . The comparison of results from Amazon orientation objectives since the last report stated, revenues are above the average of the official guide fork. Operating profit fell near the top of the target range of Amazon, which lasted from $ 80 million to $ 1.28 billion.
  •   costs of stock-based compensation for the quarter ended in $ 606 million, a little less than $ 620 million that has been cooked in operating profit forecasts.
  •   platform cloud computing known as Amazon Web Services or AWS, saw its fourth-quarter sales up 69% year over year to $ 2.4 billion. AWS segment provides 6.7% of all revenues from Amazon, but 39% of operating income in the segment of society.
  •   Do not know exactly how much Amazon Prime members of the company, but the first Rolodex paying subscribers worldwide increased 51% larger from year to year.
Looking ahead, Amazon did not provide guidance not in a full year, but always financial targets for the first quarter of 2016.
  •   Net sales are up about 23% year on year, landing close to $ 27.8 billion.
  •   Operating income must stop at about $ 400 million, if the forecast range is only $ 100 million all the way up $ 700 million. In the period last year, operating income was $ 255 million.
  •   The operating profit target includes about $ 600 million in compensation expense based on expected actions.
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. Source:

The management had to say

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wax poetic growth his company has seen. "Twenty years ago, I drove parcels to the post office and hope we can someday allow a forklift," Bezos said in a press release. "This year, we spent $ 100 billion in annual sales and serve 300 million customers."

Although Bezos still sees plenty of room for future growth, "And yet, as measured by the dynamism that we see around the market and constantly expanding opportunities as we invent on behalf of customers, which feels every bit like Day 1 ".

In the earnings call with analysts, CFO Brian Olsavsky adds color to the rapid growth and the innate value of Amazon Premium in general and Prime video service includes in particular:

When the first video is first used by our members, which promotes the adoption and retention test freely convertible higher rate, and increased turnover for subscribers.So what encouraged us was that by Q4, Overall, our first members the number of hours of listening to the first video from year to year doubled. And internationally, we had twice as many members of transmitting Prime members year after year.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 23

Question No 23:

Which Amazon storage do you think is the best for my database-style applications that frequently encounter many random reads and writes across the dataset?

A. None of these.
B. Amazon Instance Storage
C. Any of these
D. Amazon EBS

Answer: D

Sunday, January 24, 2016

AWS WorkMail vs Gmail vs Outlook - Amazon's WorkMail app is just like every other email service on the web

Online messaging services are becoming cheaper and easier to implement for companies that want to move their email to the cloud and keep employees connected when working on the move
Amazon Web Services (AWS) market access email busiest early 2015 with cloud-based Workmail -
another expansion of its growing portfolio of software and professional services - before expanding to the region the EU in early 2016.

With Workmail, users can access their account through Microsoft Outlook, a native application in the Web browser, or through iOS and Android messaging applications.

But with a series of cloud messaging services already established available, AWS can compete with the likes of Microsoft and Google?

AWS Workmail: Features

Workmail is keen to promote its integrated security features, which are in line with those of most of AWS services. Encryption key is managed by the AWS Management Service and all the data is encrypted automatically "resting", using their own encryption keys. The data traffic is encrypted with SSL industry standard.

There is an easy to use option to decide which area you want your data stored in, contributing to latency and compliance issues.

These assurances have not stopped some commentators expressing concern about Amazon manage its data for e-commerce, or if asked to give law enforcement communications. This is of particular concern that the proposed powers of investigation of the bill in Parliament this year.

In comparison, Gmail offers similar guarantees encryption, some certificates of compliance and administration tools for verification and access control. Outlook offers unique level of compliance and corporate security functions such as encryption levels E3 and E5 company and Microsoft does not automatically encrypts emails.

Workmail is mobile optimized, with system administrators with the ability to enforce device encryption requires locking devices, specify password strength requirements, and wipe devices remotely using the AWS Management Console.

AWS Workmail: Web client

The Web client itself is very similar to that of rivals Gmail and Outlook.
The look and feel is very simple, with regular input tray, outbox, sent items, and deleted the list on the left side of the page. Workmail as Gmail more feature-rich in this regard, including the central system folders to organize your inbox and tabs for calendar and contacts from Outlook.

Workmail integrates naturally with WorkDocs too, so that teams can collaborate on documents much like Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint. There is also a built-in calendar function that is in line with rival services.

AWS Workmail: Getting Started

AWS Workmail opened its application for European users through its region of Ireland in January.
Mail domain for your company must be registered with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Once registered, log on to the console and make sure to change your region Ireland in the upper right corner (we automatically gave Oregon) Workmail and select the tab or section enterprise application services.
You can create a new organization and personalized email domain in the cloud, or to connect to webmail service with your local phone book for existing users to access the platform.

Setup takes about 20 minutes (I am now the proud owner of the email user@scarey.awsapps.com domain) if you are starting from scratch and does not migrate an existing directory. Mailboxes are encrypted with the default key service your account. Later, you can manage your organization by adding mail domains, users, groups and resources, and mobile device policies.

AWS Workmail: Price

Amazon Workmail is the cheapest of the three main options at a price of $ 4 (£ 2.80) per user per month, which includes 50 GB of storage per user. This can be delivered with WorkDocs added by $ 1 per user per month.

Gmail applications have only two price levels, at £ 3.30 per user per month, and the premium of £ 6.60. Offers 30GB of storage base, meetings HD video through Hangouts, and 24/7 support beams in Google Docs, and slides. Prime comes with unlimited data storage and advanced management controls.

Outlook comes as part of a subscription to Office 365, which has six levels, which are detailed in this distribution, with essentials £ 3.10 per user per month.

AWS Workmail: Competition

Microsoft Outlook offers cloud-based mobile devices and an online version of your inbox via Office 365 logon applications. Yahoo and Gmail have options for corporate users of consumer products will be familiar messaging.

In fact, most users are willing to use email application on your phone by connecting to these mailboxes as Apple Mail. Android users generally use Gmail on Android pre-loaded application. This means new messaging platform faces an uphill battle to win new customers.

Dropbox acts as a warning to companies trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to an email. The company acquired document storage and collaboration pursuant popular mailbox for about $ 100 million in 2013, but the company has killed just two years later.

In his excellent article on the subject of The Verge Casey Newton said. "The market for productivity applications consumers, which has led companies like Dropbox and Evernote for multibillion valuations, proved to be a mirage Companies are increasingly more willing to buy the software for their employees time, people are often reluctant to buy the software for themselves and for all you have done well, the mailbox has never been more than an alternative user interface. other corporate mail servers. There was a lot of intelligence in it, but no money. "

AWS Workmail: Verdict

AWS Workmail not expect to change the way you use email. In essence, this is another mail server that will take over a striking resemblance to a popular service used in the past. It is easy to configure and manage, and the Web client is practical without seeking anything innovative in terms of functionality and design.
If your company is already using AWS services may be useful to configure your mail domain through Workmail for convenience.

However, if you already use Gmail or Outlook not rush me to migrate.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

AWS Launches Tool That Provides SSL Snd TLS Certificates For Free

Providing public cloud infrastructures Amazon Web Services today announced the launch of AWS Certificate Manager, a service that developers can use for Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for free websites.

These certificates shall indicate the browser (which in turn means that end users) in case of a connection to a site is encrypted and secure. Several companies sell these certificates, but AWS intends to do so for free. The tool can also deploy, manage and renew certificates for websites.

For now, the service is only available to region Popular AWS 'US (Northern Virginia), the head of AWS Evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog. Other regions will support the tool in the future, Barr wrote.

This is a feature that could help companies no longer use the Amazon cloud to start using it once and for all. Amazon offers many things - Database Software, a tool for business intelligence services, file sharing, email service work, and of course raw computing, storage and network resources for custom applications to operate . Now company TLS / SSL can also go through Amazon, with certificates themselves for nothing.

This may help Amazon is further distinguished from other public clouds like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM SoftLayer.

These clouds are constantly trying to catch up with AWS. AWS recently took the video encoding technology through its acquisition of Elemental Technologies, today, IBM announced it had acquired the company UStream video streaming.

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 22

Question No 22:

How can I change the security group membership for interfaces owned by other AWS, such as Elastic Load Balancing?

A. Using all these methods
B. By using the service specific console or API\CLI commands
C. None of these

Answer: B

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Microsoft Cuts Azure Prices as Competition with AWS, Google Heats Up

Lately it seems that the cloud market became a game to see who can decide more effectively in competition. The latest trend is Microsoft.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced discounts of up to 17% price DV2 Azure virtual machines, the latest iteration of the D series VM platform.

Microsoft provides an example of reductions that affect their area of ​​the United States 2 (Virginia). For the D1-D5 v2 VM, Windows Server instances receive 10% and cases of Linux price reduction receive a discount of 14%. For virtual machines v2 D11-14, instances of Windows Server will be reduced by 13%, while Linus cases be reduced by 17%. However, the total price reductions for dv2 will take place in February and, at that time

In the blog post announcing the original cuts, Nicole Azure Herskowitz said the reason for the fall in prices was to remain competitive AWS to provide basic services. The position was perceived notable competitive advantage over Microsoft Azure AWS, including free load balancing and auto-scaling for DV2 instances, billing per minute instead of the time, credit for development, and multiple options.

Of course, Microsoft's announcement comes on the heels of Amazon announcing price cuts for some of its AWS services earlier this month. It's part of Microsoft's ongoing that, back in 2013, announced a commitment to match the prices of AWS for 'basic services such as computing, storage and bandwidth. "

Indeed, such price reductions are common to AWS as well. The latest decline 51st marked the company reduced prices since the beginning of its cloud offerings in 2006.

"In my opinion, the fall in prices of AWS continues to attract the interest of new types of cases, keep the brand 'low cost', and, yes, to keep competitors on their toes," said Dave Bartoletti Forrester. "The price war cloud is actually a series of skirmishes soft now."

Do not be left out of the conversation, Google has not responded to AWS cuts with a reduction in its price, but the release of a comparison states that prices 15-41% less AWS in many cases.

The thing is that the cloud market continues to grow. IDC data show that the global SaaS market could reach $ 67 billion in 2018, and applications in the cloud will make 90% of all mobile data traffic next year. However, the public cloud market is still dominated by three players: AWS, Azure and Google in that order.

Search firm Gartner pegs continuously these three as "market leaders" with transparent front rider Amazon, Microsoft in second place, and Google a distant third. Continuous price declines are indicative of AWS and Azure least, price is one of the only ways that can really make a difference, as they tend to offer many of the same tools and services.

AWS is the dominant leader in the space, with some putting its global market share of nearly 37% and other research claiming that AWS was approved by 57% of IT professionals. However, annual growth data released in early 2015 seems to indicate that Microsoft is growing at a rate almost twice that of AWS and Google are not far behind the growth is. If these trends continue, it could mean a much tighter race on the market in late 2016.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Amazon to Launch First AWS Region in Canada This Year

Amazon plans to open an area of ​​Web services in Montreal this year. This is the first region in Canada AWS.

"We are very proud that Amazon Web Services has chosen Quebec as home to the first region of Canada's infrastructure," said Philippe Couillard, the Premier of Quebec.

Other regions AWS in Northern Virginia include North America, Northern California and Oregon.
"This announcement shows that Quebec has a positive climate for investment and the supply of renewable, reliable power, low cost, clean, carbon neutral," Couillard said.

Amazon also plans to add regions in China and India this year.

"These assets are attracting world-class companies," Couillard said. "The creation of an industry leading cloud technology in Quebec foster continuous innovation and economic growth in Quebec and in Canada."

"We look forward to serve new and existing customers at home and work with partners in the region," said Jeff Amazon Bar.

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 21

Question No 21:

Will my standby RDS instance be in the same Availability Zone as my primary?

Only for Oracle RDS types
Only if configured at launch

Answer: D

Sunday, January 10, 2016

AWS launches fifth 'technology infrastructure region' in Seoul

Amazon Web Services (AWS) earlier this week launched its fifth Technology Infrastructure in Seoul region, expanding its cloud infrastructure footprint in Asia Pacific.

The new area of ​​Seoul should allow companies based on Korean and global companies with customers in Korea to leverage the AWS infrastructure technology platform to build their businesses and run their applications in the cloud.

Seoul region consists of two availability zones, each consisting of one or more geographically separate data centers, each with redundant power, networking and connectivity. Availability Zones are designed to save the other, allowing customers to run production applications and databases that are high availability, fault tolerance and scalable than is possible from a single data center.

With this release, the AWS cloud is already available in 32 areas of availability in 12 geographical regions worldwide, with four other AWS regions (nine areas of availability) in China, India, Ohio, and is available in UK next year.

"Our customers and Korean partners have asked us to build an infrastructure of AWS in Korea so they can run more workloads on AWS and approve new initiatives that could change your business and the customer experience, are delighted to offer our customers today day, "said Andy Jassy, ​​senior vice president of AWS

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 20

Question No 20:

If your DB instance runs out of storage space or file system resources, its status will change to_____ and your DB Instance will no longer be?

A. Storage-overflow
B. Storage-full
C. Storage-exceed
D. Storage-overage

Answer: B

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Become A Cloud Guru With AWS Engineer Certification

With the acceleration of technological change every day, learn to develop web applications and pages can now be a painful experience. That's why you often see here deals Pocket-lint that offer tutorials on how to develop and improve operations and web coding.

Today's agreement, AWS Certification Bundle Engineer, preparing for the review of Amazon Web Services without prior knowledge of programming required. Take it now for only £ 19.48 ($ 29).

The package of Amazon Web Services Certification Engineer provides an overview of the AWS platform through over 26 hours of instruction included as well as a closer look at the individual elements, including cloud front, wide automatic, RDS and more. Dive into CloudWatch, the main tracking solution proposed by the AWS, while exploring data management, video learning classes and practical exam questions.

These classes are designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Certified Developer AWS and AWS Certified Administrator exam associated sysops - essential for a career as a professional AWS.
  1. Preparation for the three w / 26 hours teaching exams
  2. Learn to create fault-tolerant architectures in the cloud
  3. Explore the data management
  4. Learn video lessons, practice exam questions and discussion forums
  5. Obtain practical experience / 80 minute w Test at the end of each course
  6. Learn as quickly and efficiently as possible w / quick conference (only 5-20 minutes each)
With a 87 percent savings, this is one of the best deals can be found to teach you what you need to know to pass the certification exams of Amazon Web Services. Take this many deals Pocket-lint today.