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Thursday, April 28, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 36

Question No 36:

In the Amazon RDS Oracle DB engine, the Database Diagnostic Pack and the Database Tuning Pack are only available with _____

A. Oracle Standard Edition
B. Oracle Express Edition
C. Oracle Enterprise Edition
D. None of these

Answer: C

Sunday, April 24, 2016

AWS Summit: New Cloud Services, Expanded EBS Choices

Amazon Web Services announces new cloud services at their summit in AWS in Chicago this week, expanded storage options available with Elastic Block Store (EBS) and the addition of inspector and an accelerator data from Amazon S3 to your list offers.

Amazon Inspector is a service of safety assessment that can be applied in the future workload of an Amazon customer, while still in development in the customer premises. It has been available in the preview phase of several months and became generally available on April 19.

As agile development methods and other production speed of the application, the effort required to determine the risk of exposure and vulnerability can fall behind quickly output code, said Stephen Schmidt, Director of Information Security AWS. When applications are designed to run on AWS, "Customers have asked us to do the same rigorous safety assessments in their applications that do for our AWS services", he said in the announcement of Amazon.

Inspector provides APIs for customers to connect to service their application development and deployment processes.

Thus, the service can be invoked program when necessary and to conduct assessments at the scale at which the application will run in the cloud - something that can be difficult to do in the place where resources inspection and testing can be few. By having available the service, the code can continue deployment without having to wait for the developer or central staff to evaluate manually security, Schmidt said.

giving applications is a check when undergoing changes or increased use. An operator with AWS tags that identify the workload can run the service to an application via the AWS Management Console. The operator can order some tests off the list and set an amount of time running.

Inspector includes the ability to search a number of known vulnerabilities and collect information on how an application communicates with other Amazon services. He wants to know, for example, if the application uses secure channels and the amount of network traffic between EC2 instances. The inspector has a knowledge base safe operations with "packages" of related rules or regulations may be applied to different situations. Amazon updates the knowledge base with the latest threat information.

The results of the evaluation and recommendations for what should be done to reverse the vulnerabilities found the owner of the application are presented. "Inspector provides key of our security team of world-class learning," said Schmidt, guests can correct problems before deployment rather than after an incident occurs.

The second service announced at the Summit of 19 April AWS, Amazon S3 transfer speeds. Use the onboard network of the Amazon used to efficiently distribute content to end users from 50 different locations. The board supports the AWS CloudFront CDN network and quick to service queries DNS Route 53 responses.

Now sharpen network locations also serve as transfer stations data by using optimized protocols and advanced infrastructure to move data objects from one party to another country's network. Improving the transfer rate is 50% to 500% for the transfer of large objects between countries, Jeff Barr, head of AWS evangelist, wrote in a blog on the new service.

Barr said AWS has also increased the capacity of its data transfer device 50 TB to 80 TB of snowball. Users snowball load their data encrypted on the device snowball that is physically transported to an AWS data center. Data on a snowball can not be decrypted until it reaches its destination, and 10 snowballs can be downloaded simultaneously on a user account in parallel.

Besides the two new services, AWS launches two cheap storage options for running instances EC2, or for use with large data projects clustering Elastic MapReduce, Amazon version of Hadoop.
They are the two options EBS seek to combine the attributes of speed solid state drive with greater storage capacity and lower price per gigabyte hard drives. AWS uses two types of cloud storage to provide cold performance optimized HDD hard drive.

Optimized performance hard drive is designed for workloads of large data that could include, in addition Elastic MapReduce, such things as registration processing server; extract, transform and load tasks; and Kafka, high speed of the Apache Software Foundation may publish and subscribe system. It could also be used with workloads data storage. a price of 4.5 cents per GB per month will have data centers in Northern Virginia AWS. This price compares with the 10 cents per GB per month for storage units based utility EBS solid state.

HDD cool the price, even at 2.5 cents per GB per month. Optimized the same performance use cases meets hard drive, but would apply to jobs that are accessed less frequently, Barr wrote in another blog on April 19.
Both options are defined by their flow MB per second. Optimized performance hard disk provides 250MB per second performance data for TB will equip up to 500 MB per second for 2TB. Similarly, cold allows HDD 80 MB per second speed for each Provisioned TB data, building up to 250 MB per second for Provisioned 3.1TB data.

Both offer a basic performance and the ability to summon a burst performance level for short periods. Infrequent use of a built-breaking "blast bucket" or credit for time during the break system can be invoked, as well as the standard options of BSE type, Barr said in the blog.

"We listened to these volumes offer an excellent price / performance when used for large workloads data. To achieve performance levels that are possible with the volumes, the application must perform and large sequential I / O operations, which is typical of big data workloads, "Barr explained in the blog.

This is due to the nature of the underlying disks, which can "contiguous data transfer very quickly", but occur less favorably when prompted to carry out a large number of small volumes, random access E / S, such as those required for engine relational database. If these storage options are used for this purpose, Barr recognizes be "less effective and will result in a lower bitrate." General purpose ESB based on SSD would be a much better fit, he said.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 35

Question No 35:

Amazon EC2 provides a repository of public data sets that can be seamlessly integrated into AWS cloud-based applications.What is the monthly charge for using the public data sets?

A. A 1 time charge of 10$ for all the datasets.
B. 1$ per dataset per month
C. 10$ per month for all the datasets
D. There is no charge for using the public data sets

Answer: D

Sunday, April 17, 2016

CIOs Favor Microsoft Azure Over AWS, According to New Survey

In one trillion dollars now and the landscape today, the public cloud has already claimed 16.2% of all enterprise workloads, according to a new survey JP Morgan CIO. CIOs expect the percentage to almost triple in the next five years, however, sends it to rise 40.3% of all workloads, and let the hierarchy of existing IT providers in the important disorder .

In fact, as the authors of the report conclude JP Morgan, this "change of monumental architecture" public cloud "shows no signs of slowing down and is likely to create a significant ripple effect across the technology landscape."

Perhaps most interesting, however, is that CIOs expect to start cloud royalty. The answer, like pasta-news reference sites regularly, may surprise you.

Who's first?

When asked, "What a mega-vendor IT is more important and indispensable for the IT environment of your company in the future, and why," Amazon Web Services, the leader in market share by far, aujourd? alas, not at the top of the stack:

Amazon, which outperforms its peers in terms of cloud income- $ 8 million compared to $ 1.1 million from Microsoft or Google $ 500 million for Morgan Stanley estimates-is second remote location for Microsoft. Obviously, the AWS domination today is not reflected in the realm of affection IOC morning.

Where is?

CIOs have long worshiped in Microsoft and cut a lot of slack as he understood Azure. In 2013, a survey by Piper Jaffray found that 45% of CIOs chose as his "most important supplier" Microsoft, but at the time few would have pinned their hopes on the Redmond giant cloud.

Two years later, however, a survey by Piper Jaffray preferences clouds DSI in 2015 revealed a preference for AWS (35%), which was not surprising since Microsoft Azure in the second (21%), which was such time.
However, there is more to this story.

From zero to hero

After all, another way to read data from AWS is that was not even on the radar in 2013 when IOC ran Piper Jaffray research. Oracle? Clear. HP? Yes. Even Apple has made the list. However, Amazon? Come on. It is a seller of books!

In 2016, it is clear that AWS is a strength of the company, but it is not clear that the current generation of IT managers are prepared. Its developers, yes. But the IOC? Can be. Undoubtedly, most CIOs have probably not yet face the prospect of introducing a new "megavendor" in the mix.

Here it is what JP Morgan Research has to say:

"First, the appearance of AWS in the number two position signals a potentially significant change of the guard ... and reveals its return on investment, and to use the influence of computing professionals. AWS classification sends a strong indication that threats to, traditional site of infrastructure providers are serious ".
In support of this assertion, the report cites AWS CIO respondents characterized as "... a transforming power whose effects will be felt in technology, processes, development, etc." and indicate "many will be migrating to AWS resources over the next 12 months."

All this is true of AWS, but also increasingly true of Microsoft Azure. I suspect the same survey next year will show a dramatic increase mindshare IOC (even if it continues to accumulate proportion of the portfolio), with Microsoft Azure holding firmly with the affections of the IOC and get faster income that everyone except AWS. Meanwhile, when asked JP Morgan Research CIO these same sellers could lose share AWS and Microsoft Azure, 26% chose IBM, 15% chose Hewlett-Packard Company, and 14.5% chose Oracle.

All this indicates a significant change in the custody of the company, Amazon and Microsoft crashing the party solidify its already strong relationships with CIOs, like almost everyone loses. Now is the most exciting change that has seen in decades. Grab your popcorn.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 34

Question No 34:

Can I initiate a "forced failover" for my Oracle Multi-AZ DB Instance deployment?

Only in certain regions
Only in VPC

Answer: A

Sunday, April 10, 2016

AWS Appoints New Cloud CEO, and it’s about Time

Amazon has appointed Andy Jassy as CEO of Amazon Web Services, the opening of an internal promotion that has been long in the making.

Considered as a key influence in increasing the division's most profitable business technology giant, the coronation of Jassy as the main cloud comes in recognition of annual sales of nearly $ US10 billion for 2016 AWS.

Along with the appointment of Jassy, ​​Amazon also called Jeff Wilke the role of CEO in the world of consumers, such as areas of business in three main business areas in the future.

According to the recent letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to shareholders this year, Amazon became the fastest company never reach US $ 100 billion in annual sales.

"From the market, the first and AWS are examples of paris bold Amazon who have worked, and became our three pillars," Bezos said.

"And as we grew as a company and these three pillars have also increased, we have decided that it makes sense to change the titles of the leaders of these companies.

"This is not a reorganization, but rather a recognition of the roles they played for a while."
After joining Amazon in 1997, Jassy was elected first vice president of Web services in 2003, playing a central role in increasing AWS in 2006.

"When we wrote the business plan for AWS, I do not think all the bones that had the audacity to predict who would become so big so fast," Jassy said in an interview with Forbes in 2015.

Editor Jassy, ​​AWS has grown to receive more than one million active customers every month across 190 countries, 2,000 5,000 government agencies and educational institutions.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 33

Question No 33:

Is there a limit to the number of groups you can have?

A. Yes for all users
B. Yes for all users except root
C. No
D. Yes unless special permission granted

Answer: A

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Octet Replaces Ageing On-Premises Stack With Hybrid AWS Environment

Doubts about the reliability of its hardware byte cell site leads to move all your Amazon Web Services servers, while maintaining minimal infrastructure on the site.

 Byte when it was created 28 years ago, the only option was to build the company had a battery of traditional materials in place. Until two years ago, based on the Byte aging infrastructure to keep the business running.

Byte offers online portal that gives an idea of ​​the companies in the process of financial supply chain, including trafficking the option of paying suppliers using a method through exchange rates in real time. To date, the company says it has supported transactions between US customers and more than 10,000 suppliers in 60 countries clubs $ 1 billion.

 COO Michael Romanos byte describes the investment of the company in its traditional battery in place as like "watching depreciates nothing."

Ro said most of the time, the company was left guessing reliability acerca local servers were, as the company was not aware of their backup systems Whether or disaster recovery work.

"It could be extended downtime, and the problem with this is that you have to call the service provider to control the account manager, who had to enter the network technician, and all of a sudden, is almost five hours later, and nobody knows what happens, "he said.

 The most difficult problem facing the company, however, according to Rom, was the difficulty of the transition of information on new platforms such as home servers continued to age.

To solve the original problem, the bytes association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy a majority of its infrastructure in place for the cloud - to treat about two months had to fill. The deployment involved bytes moving business environment: as a file server and server development, construction and environment production environment that hosts the database server and Web company.

The only infrastructure in place that remains is the domain controller of the company, in addition to high speed, low latency line fiber optic Internet connection and a firewall.

 The firewall is crucial for business operations bytes, Romani said for the company to make some of your private servers Appearing, use the firewall to establish a virtual private network connection between the office and AWS.

Microsoft Azure also in close contention was Saeed Rom, but AWS Byte This felt was "more mature".

Total control

 According to Rom, since the deployment of ITS AWS servers, the company achieved more than the STI control environment, and reliable to create new instances and redirect the charges. I added flexibility of having to demolish and build a new environment using the underlying hardware and the latest versions of operating systems AWS is another advantage.

"Now that we have moved to cloud our ability to innovate and work with our product roadmap and valuable capabilities have increased significantly 10 times," I said.

Also byte reliable to operate with low latency, despite their servers are located in AWS. Rom added low latency is good role as part of the operational function of the company involves the volatile currency market.

"It feels as if it is a local experience, and all due to the fact that it is a line of low latency," I said.

Octet experience for customers - global financial institutions such as Westpac and Bank of Nanjing These are the holders of the Octet platform in different locations - also improved Saeed Rom. Byte no longer you have to depend on "an old uncomfortable physical server" when you want to change your environment, but instead can replicate changes in AWS.