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Sunday, April 10, 2016

AWS Appoints New Cloud CEO, and it’s about Time

Amazon has appointed Andy Jassy as CEO of Amazon Web Services, the opening of an internal promotion that has been long in the making.

Considered as a key influence in increasing the division's most profitable business technology giant, the coronation of Jassy as the main cloud comes in recognition of annual sales of nearly $ US10 billion for 2016 AWS.

Along with the appointment of Jassy, ​​Amazon also called Jeff Wilke the role of CEO in the world of consumers, such as areas of business in three main business areas in the future.

According to the recent letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to shareholders this year, Amazon became the fastest company never reach US $ 100 billion in annual sales.

"From the market, the first and AWS are examples of paris bold Amazon who have worked, and became our three pillars," Bezos said.

"And as we grew as a company and these three pillars have also increased, we have decided that it makes sense to change the titles of the leaders of these companies.

"This is not a reorganization, but rather a recognition of the roles they played for a while."
After joining Amazon in 1997, Jassy was elected first vice president of Web services in 2003, playing a central role in increasing AWS in 2006.

"When we wrote the business plan for AWS, I do not think all the bones that had the audacity to predict who would become so big so fast," Jassy said in an interview with Forbes in 2015.

Editor Jassy, ​​AWS has grown to receive more than one million active customers every month across 190 countries, 2,000 5,000 government agencies and educational institutions.

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