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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Amazon may launch new AWS productivity suite to take on Microsoft and Google

Amazon Web Services intends to consolidate its messaging, file storage and videoconferencing services into a productivity package that would compete with Microsoft and Google, according to a report released on Friday.

The sources said the information that AWS is still in the early stages of development with its productivity suite and has not been settled exactly what applications would be included. The company is working to update its current WorkDocs Workmail and to attract more corporate customers.

The combination of applications helps AWS to compete with Google and Microsoft Office Suite G 365. Companies that are currently working with AWS told the information that Amazon Services does not sell as well as they are currently less advanced than Google or Microsoft products .

Amazon is catching up with other productivity suites by adding the functionality of existing applications such as Workmail. In November, for example, AWS has added the ability to record all emails sent and received so that companies in the finance and health sectors can comply with compliance regulations.

Last week AWS announced the application of the doorbell that combines video conferencing, voice, chat and screen sharing. Adding this application as a whole could make Amazon's services as suites feature meeting places or similar Microsoft computers.

The information indicated that it is not yet clear whether the AWS result includes an online word processing application that allows for collaboration such as Google Docs. Amazon does not currently offer such a service, but a source said it could enter this territory with a recent update of the existing AppStream service.

There are no details about the cost of the Amazon productivity suite. Suite G Google starts at $ 5 per user per month, and Microsoft Office 365 starts at $ 6 per user per month. AWS currently charges $ 6 for Workmail and WorkDocs.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Domino's moves online ordering from AWS to Azure

The global migration of the OneDigital cloud begins.

Domino Pizza Rest counting down the days until the baseline control system begins taking pizza orders to a new Azure platform environment as a service in Australia.

The retailer has recently taken the decision to withdraw the OneDigital AWS system globally and transfer it to Microsoft's cloud technology.

Domino has used Amazon Web Services as a hosting partner for all of its critical systems over the past four years. It has a small number of systems - such as Exchange, which is currently moving to Office 365 - housed in a server room in Brisbane.

While most of its core platforms remain in AWS, last year the pizza chain decided to move its own OneDigital Microsoft Azure PaaS .NET platform into the world.

OneDigital is the online ordering platform that is used by all Domino markets worldwide to process orders.

Unlike Domino's infrastructure as a service with AWS, Azure PaaS offers the pizzeria chain support for the entire web application lifecycle through servers, storage and networking, as well as development tools, intelligence Business, middleware and database management.

"Going to PaaS, we believe we will be able to advance in our high regional availability, better contain our development costs - because we will be able to use many of the standard Azure services - the experience closer to users," said Wayne McMahon, the IOC to ITnews.

Each instance of the Domino OneDigital Region will be centrally organized, but all cases worldwide orders from one of Domino's regional operations.

"If such an A / NZ converter hit the nearest body [at home] and it was not available, it would go to the next closest available, and so on," McMahon said.

However, the retailer will ensure that orders in the areas where the rules on personal data protection are processed are processed locally and not to take risks with the privacy of the customer.

Domino Pizza Rest Australia and New Zealand are in the final test of Azure, with live orders "imminent" according to McMahon. Japan will change in the coming months, with European markets to follow.

The objective of the company is to be fully migrated at the end of the current fiscal year.

However, McMahon said there are no plans to move any of the other major pizza chain systems out of the AWS and Azure environment.

"AWS is still a very important partner for us. There is no compelling reason to move our other critical systems," he said.

"They do not necessarily benefit from PaaS."

Code cleanup

Domino has taken the opportunity to embark on an improvement program that consists of optimizing thousands of services associated with the OneDigital platform.

"We use the PaaS opportunity, not only by getting services and moving, but methodically through all the services to make sure it is not optimal," said McMahon.

The IT team began clearing the code and "finding better ways to do things" last September and has since completed the process.

Large pieces of work include the service layer rewrite since the SQL Server approval on AWS DocumentDB in Azure, McMahon said - "very important parts of our architecture that can be done with the price and good and how we are managing."

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Snapchat signs $1bn cloud deal with AWS

Snapchat has an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide redundancy for its messaging platform, at a cost of $ 1 billion over the next five years.

Snap, the parent company's messaging-based photo messaging platform, already has an agreement with Google, spending $ 400 million a year on its cloud platform.

Snapchat has about 158 ​​million active users per day, but it works almost entirely in the cloud. It was one of the first prominent customers when Google agreed to its infrastructure-as-a-service offer in 2011.

In a presentation for an upcoming IPO, Snap revealed that it has also reached an agreement with Amazon to improve the redundancy service, taking its annual expenditure estimate into the cloud hosting of 450 million - more than the company obtained a Billing in 2016.

In the presentation, Snapchat said, "In March 2016, we concluded the AWS Enterprise contract for using cloud services from Amazon Web Services, Inc. or AWS, which was modified in March 2016 and again In February 2017. The agreement will continue indefinitely until it is terminated by either party.

"Under the addition of February 2017 for the agreement, we have committed to spend $ 1.0 billion between January 2017 and December 2021 AWS services (50.0 million in 2017, 125.0 million Dollars in 2018, $ 200.0 million in 2019, $ 275.0 million in 2020 and $ 350.0 million in 2021.) If the minimum purchase commitment of one year is not respected, we are required to pay the difference.

Snapchat also hinted that it could create its own infrastructure in the future in an attempt to reduce costs, adding: "In the future, we can invest in building our own infrastructure to better serve our customers.