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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

AWS Marketplace Now Offers Private Pricing For Partners

Customers are moving applications to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, but many want the help of a trusted advisor when it comes to software procurement and fulfillment.

For partners that could translate to a huge opportunity in providing software solutions, said David McCann, vice president of Amazon Web Services Marketplace and Catalog Services during The Channel Company's Best Of Breed (BoB) conference in Atlanta on Monday.

At the BoB conference, McCann announced private pricing for the AWS Marketplace, a feature that allows partners to quote prices to customers that are only visible to those customers.

"In the past, Marketplace had a single price. Now you can have prices unique to customers," he said.

The channel plays a critical role in software choice. According to AWS, overall software spend will reach $569 billion by 2020. The indirect channel share of that spend will be $292.6 billion, or about 51 percent.

"Everyone is on a different journey and you are an advisor of what is going to move to the cloud, and at what velocity. Software is a major part of that decision and the software portfolio for many companies is in massive flux," McCann said to an audience of solution providers.

The AWS Marketplace, a place for AWS cloud computing customers to find, compare and deploy AWS software and other IT services, is a digital library, or a "toolkit" for channel partners. Two years ago, the Marketplace consisted of 800 vendors. Today, that number is up to 1,250, McCann said.

"We are adding three software vendors a week to the catalog, and those companies are there for your engineers to run on behalf of a customer," McCann told partners. "We want the channel to work with the marketplace as a fulfillment engine."

Private pricing will be generally available to partners in the next few weeks, McCann added.

Network Solutions Provider, a Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based solution provider in the audience, said it has its own cloud practice today, but is not an AWS partner. Private pricing, however, is "the missing piece" that solution providers needed from Amazon, according to Phillip Walker, customer advocate leader for Network Solutions Provider.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Discover why AWS is the world's biggest cloud computing platform

With Amazon Web Services, everyone can leverage the power of a cloud cluster to deliver services and process data without managing their own data center. To learn how to administer your cloud, this AWS Solution Architect training package is offered in Boing Boing Store.

Throughout 22 hours of content, you will find an overview of the tools available to you, including Elastic Compute Cluster (EC2) for on-demand scalability, simple storage service (S3) for durable object storage RDS (Relational Database Service) for efficient data retrieval and storage of block units issued with Elastic Block Store (EBS). In addition to familiarizing yourself with the management console, you will learn how to design a large-scale information infrastructure, deploy fault-tolerant applications, and even migrate existing systems to AWS.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

A certificate in Amazon's AWS cloud technology can boost your salary by 26%

The latest research confirms that Aaron continues to dominate cloud computing.

Amazon Web Services has been a great engine for the company. But the e-commerce giant is not the only one that has benefited from its leadership in the cloud. Similarly, IT professionals are specialized in AWS technology.

"The high adoption rate of AWS cloud services by organizations around the world has resulted in some of the best salaries for IT professionals who choose to follow these specific certifications," Global Knowledge said in a blog post at the beginning of this year.

What you pay

Global Knowledge interviewed information technology workers in North America and around the world last fall to find out their average salaries and their special skills specialization have affected their salary. The organization's report, released in April, gives the impression that premium employers are paying for AWS skills.

On average, among those responding to the survey, IT workers in non-administrative positions in the United States and Canada who have received certification somehow earned $ 79,796,000 per year. However, among respondents who have a certificate stating that they did not know how to work with AWS, the average annual salary was $ 101,755 a year, an increase of 27.5%.

Employers pay a similar but less dramatic premium for managers with AWS skills. On average, IT managers in the United States and Canada who responded to the survey who had a certificate of any kind earned $ 112,525 per year. But those with an AWS certificate earned $ 127,942 a year on average, according to the survey, an increase of 13.7%.

Overall, by combining the salaries of managers and non-managers who participated in the global knowledge survey, certified IT professionals earned an average of $ 90,512 per year. But among those with an AWS certification, the average salary was $ 113,932 per year, a premium of 25.9%.

Not all AWS certificates are so valuable. Wages paid by employers depend to a large extent on the particular certificate a computer agent has. Among the US and Canadian computer workers who participated in the survey - managers and non-managers - average wages are broken down by certificate:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Partner: $ 119,233 thousand
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional: $ 116,838
  • AWS Certified Developer - Associate: $ 116,456
  • System Administrator AWS (SysOps) - Partner: $ 111,966
  • Certified Engineer of Development of AWS (DevOps): $ 108,315

Interestingly, although professional certification is more advanced than the associated certification, the average salary was lower among certified solution architects who responded to the survey. However, Global Knowledge indicated that the difference was probably influenced by the size of the sample. Only 70 respondents to the survey said they had the AWS Certified Architect Professional certification, while 300 said they had the associated version.

However, the survey provides an overview of the value of AWS skills. And this is understandable given the popularity of the AWS. In the second quarter of this year, AWS accounted for 34% of the money spent on the growing and growing cloud services market.

Behind the data

Global Knowledge has sent more than half a million people to participate in its salary survey, distributed through its own channels, as well as technology vendors such as Cisco, AWS and Microsoft.

Approximately 14,300 people completed the survey, of which approximately 12,500 were computerized. And among the technicians, 625 had some kind of AWS certification.

Actual wages varied depending on the certification level and whether someone had multiple certificates. But in general, among those who participated in the survey, the certificates gave a big boost to wages. On average, among survey participants in the US. and Canada, the difference between IT salary people with any type of certification and non-certification was almost $ 8,400 11.7%. For managers, the difference was $ 9,201, or 8.9%.

Not surprisingly, 82% of computer workers in the United States and Canada who were interviewed had at least one certificate. And the average number of certifications among respondents was 2.9

Thursday, August 31, 2017

AWS could pay a price for Amazon’s broader ambitions

When Amazon decided to buy Whole Foods, it seemed simple enough. A huge company sees an opening and spends a sum of money to gain an advantage with a brick-and-mortar company, but the deal could have had unintended consequences for AWS, Amazon's cloud cloud company.

While Amazon has had a huge impact on retailing overall, causing disruption in the industry as a whole, so far it has largely disappeared from the offline world - emerging stores, other experiences aside.

When Amazon took the purchase of Whole Foods seriously, it seemed to light a fire under rivals like Walmart, which did not enjoy Amazon's bodybuilding in its bread and butter bricks and mortars. This bothers them so much, in fact, they began to pressure their technology partners to abandon AWS, citing Amazon as a direct threat to their business.

Walmart is also expected to create its own data centers using Nvidia GPUs, which could be tied to the acquisition of Amazon-Whole Foods. Anyway, building your own data centers is a very expensive venture, especially with high-speed GPUs.

While all this seemed unlikely to have a significant impact on AWS for the short term, other retailers could follow suit. This week, Target announced that it was leaving AWS because it also believes that Amazon's membership of retailers is a direct competitive threat. Could others continue?

Rivals have to lick their ribs in the perspective of companies emerging from AWS, which has a huge advantage in the cloud infrastructure market. In fact, Ray Wang, founder and senior analyst at Constellation Research, says his company is starting to see such an exodus.

"We see that retailers are setting up an anti-Amazon strategy and Microsoft, Google and Oracle make it easier. No one wants to fund AWS when the other side of the house outperforms them," Wang said.

If Wang is right, business decisions made on the Amazon side of the company could have a significant impact on AWS net income, but John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research, a company that monitors Nuke, sees it a little different. It thinks that each company in this space has its own competitive crosses to support and could find itself with a similar situation.

"One of the main dynamics of the cloud market is that major operators have become the cloud from very different starting points, and most of their revenue comes from other businesses - Amazon and Alibaba Electronics, Microsoft and Oracle software , Google search and IBM IT services. They will all face bizarre competitive situations in specific areas of the industry, "he said.

In addition, Dinsdale says that AWS leadership in this space is so important, it does not see that this has a significant impact on its business in the cloud. "Walmart and Target are two big companies, but in all things, they are just the players in a single vertical industry. AWS is now well penetrated by a variety of vertical sectors of industry and the public sector," he said.

Although Dinsdale make a fair point in the AWS market, it is quite possible that we see defections can start with something more important, and AWS could end up supporting the weight of the Amazon acquisition strategy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Amazon is teaming up with its one-time enemy VMware to go beyond the cloud, says report

Amazon Web Services think of building software for enterprise data centers as part of its newly formed association with VMware, according to a report released Monday.

The work could make it easier for enterprises to migrate applications between their data centers and Amazon server farms and facilitate disaster recovery of Amazon data, according to the information, without citing sources surname.

VMware shares rose about 2% after the report.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been busy refining the data center software in place that reflects that of its public cloud Azure. And Google has taken the first step to do more with the data center on the site through its partnership with Nutanix.

However, the potential expansion of the VMware partnership would not be the first to work with the AWS data centers on the site.

  •     AWS has added local support for its CodeDeploy delivery service in 2015.
  •     AWS introduced the snowball storage server companies could use to copy data and send them to the cloud by 2015.
  •     AWS has added local support to its EC2 tool Run command to execute shell scripts on multiple machines at the same time, in the year 2016.
  •     AWS unveiled the snowmobile truck to copy important data even more supplies and send it to Amazon in 2016.
  •     Last November, AWS has released Image Packaging Server operating system from an Amazon Linux for use on corporate servers.

Amazon and VMware announced their partnership in October, targeting a 2017 release environment for VMware virtualization software running on top of the Amazon cloud, but new technologies may not be available before the end of the year or Principles 2018.

VMware shares rose more than 2 percent and Amazon shares rose slightly after the press release.

AWS did not immediately respond to a request for comments. VMware had no comments.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Amazon said to be working on translation services for AWS customers

Amazon is working on an agreement that would allow developers to create applications and websites using AWS to translate their content into multiple languages, reports CNBC. The machine translation technology used to provide multilingual versions of customer products is based on technology applications on Amazon's own products, according to the report.

Translation services is a key competitive offer for competitors of the Cloud Cloud and Microsoft, and Google has recently introduced its own neural network-based translation service for developers. Amazon acquired a Safaba automatic translation process for almost two years and has implemented translation to provide additional languages ​​on websites including Amazon.com.

Recently, Amazon launched a contest in collaboration with the University of Heidelberg in Germany to encourage the development of automatic translation platforms that can respond and adapt to user feedback by correcting errors in their translation results.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Pegasystems Extends Cloud Partnerships with AWS and Microsoft

Pegasystems has announced an update of its relationship with two of the world's leading providers of public cloud - AWS and Microsoft (Azure).

The AWS announcement provides customers with additional options for implementing Pegas software in AWS.

The expansion of the alliance allows integration between Pega Customer Service - customer service management solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Pega Amazon Connect - a new cloud-based contact center management service for companies.

A company statement, "Pega customers can now integrate the Amazon agent's experience directly connect Pega customer service to provide customer service representatives in the context of early interaction and ability to easily manage telephone interactions Directly from your application paste. "

Pega says that its customers can choose to run on Pega Cloud - the cloud platform fully managed by Pega, powered by the AWS and optimized for Pega software or the deployment of technology sticks directly into its own AWS cloud, maintaining Complete control of its environment and with the support of Pega without blocking - in supplier.

Paste Paste clients running the platform or after the Paste applications on AWS clients now have 24/7 access to the global support team.

On the front of Microsoft, the company announced an agreement that allows companies to easily manage and deploy Pega solutions in Microsoft Azure.

A company spokesman said the agreement offers Pega customers a choice, flexibility and additional support to set up their cloud environment to better meet their needs.

It builds on recently announced partnerships with Pivotal Services and Amazon Web (AWS) that further extend the initiative to choose the Pega cloud and remove the blocking of common vendors with other software vendors.

"Pega's flexible approach offers customers many supported cloud options, including Pega Cloud - the fully managed cloud platform optimized for Pega software." With this agreement, customers can run Pega software on Microsoft Azure As a fully compliant cloud platform.This provides Pega customers better integration with Azure and full access to global 24/7 customer support.