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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Amazon's cloud business is using this weird 1976 'Saturday Night Live' skit to explain its new blockchain product

Amazon Web Services reported another item on Thursday that will make it less demanding to utilize blockchains.

AWS isn't the first to showcase with this kind blockchain item. IBM has driven the route with big business review stages for expanding over blockchains. Prophet likewise has an offering, and Google Cloud has been trying different things with their own items.

What is new, be that as it may, is the means by which AWS has delineated the employments of blockchain: with a 'Saturday Night Live' play from 1976.

The Shimmer Floor Wax drama demonstrates a couple battling about whether an item is intended to be utilized as a pastry topping or as floor wax. It's sort of entertaining and sort of gross, yet it additionally shows how blockchain specialists can in some cases talk past each other with regards to clarifying the advantages of the developing innovation.

"A portion of the general population that I converse with see blockchains as the establishment of another money related framework and an approach to encourage global installments," AWS evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog entry. "Others see blockchains as an appropriated record and permanent information source that can be connected to coordinations, inventory network, arrive enrollment, crowdfunding, and other utilize cases."

"In any case, plainly there are a considerable measure of charming conceivable outcomes and we are attempting to enable our clients to utilize this innovation all the more viably," he said.

AWS said its new Blockchain Templates will improve the way toward propelling an Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric organize, completing it "in a matter of minutes and with only a couple of snaps."

It will make it less demanding for architects to assemble stages that advantage from blockchain innovation's agreements and permanent records, without having to know how to construct them starting with no outside help.

Read more about how decentralized blockchain innovation takes a shot at a concentrated cloud here.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Oracle Leads Lobby Against AWS for Juicy Pentagon Deal

Prophet is driving a Washington push to stop Amazon Web Services (AWS) from winning a lucrative Defense Department get that will be granted in the coming months, as indicated by a write about Bloomberg Friday.

Prophet is driving a free coalition of innovation organizations that likewise need to partake in the Pentagon bargain, including Microsoft, IBM, Dell Technologies and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, as indicated by the Bloomberg report.

The organizations need to ensure the honor goes to in excess of one supplier, and to unseat Amazon as the leader for the arrangement, esteemed at a few billion dollars, Bloomberg says.

The Pentagon intends to move 3.4 million clients and 4 million gadgets to the cloud, as indicated by the report, which has more subtle elements on AWS's history with the DoD, and also AWS's, Oracle's, and other significant tech sellers campaigning framework in Washington.

Prophet co-CEO Safra Catz has been an early and conferred supporter of President Donald Trump. She allegedly proposed in a current supper with the President that AWS is getting an unreasonable favorable position in the Pentagon bargain, Bloomberg notes.

Trump has been pounding Amazon's retail business for as far as anyone knows bilking the U.S. Postal Service with sweetheart arrangements on bundle conveyance, in spite of the fact that Trump's commentators say that Amazon's and other bundle shipments are really a money related quality for the USPS. The Washington Post, claimed by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, has been condemning of Trump, and the President has excitedly returned fire. (See Trump Bashes Bezos' Baby, however US Government Is a 'Yooge' Amazon Customer .)

Monday, April 9, 2018

Amazon Brings Machine Learning Smarts To Edge Computing Through AWS Greengrass

AWS Greengrass, the edge computing platform from AWS, got a facelift in the form of machine learning inference support. The latest version (v1.5.0) can run Apache MXNet and TensorFlow Lite models locally on edge devices based on NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and Intel Atom architectures.

Machine learning inferencing is a top use case for edge computing. Since edge computing gateways are expected to run in offline scenarios with intermittent connectivity to the cloud, they can serve machine learning models at runtime that can work offline. When combined with industrial IoT, ML inferencing makes the deployments valuable through predictive maintenance and analytics.

Amazon has been investing in all the three key areas - IoT, edge computing, and machine learning. AWS IoT is a mature connected devices platform that can deliver scalable M2M, bulk device on-boarding, digital twins and analytics along with tight integration with AWS Lambda for dynamic rules. AWS Greengrass extends AWS IoT to the edge by delivering local M2M, rules engine, and routing capabilities. The most recent addition, Amazon SageMaker, brought scalable machine learning service to AWS. Customers can use it for evolving trained models based on popular algorithms.

Amazon has done a great job of integrating AWS IoT, AWS Greengrass and Amazon SageMaker to deliver end-to-end machine learning support at the edge.

Customers upload training data to Amazon S3 before pointing Amazon SageMaker to it. They can choose one of the existing algorithms of SageMaker to generate a training model that is copied to another bucket of Amazon S3 in the form of a compressed zip file. This zip file is copied to the device, which will be invoked by an AWS Lambda Python function at runtime. It is also possible to directly point Greengrass to a pre-trained SageMaker model.

Developers can use a Raspberry Pi for local development and testing. For production scenarios, either NVIDIA Jetson TX2 or Intel Atom is the recommended processor. Amazon is also providing pre-built machine learning libraries based on Apache MXNet and Tensorflow models that can be deployed on Greengrass.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

AWS to talk IoT at Sydney summit

Amazon Web Services will hold its yearly Australian AWS Summit in Sydney on 11 and 12 April at Sydney's International Convention Center, went before this year by the Amazon Innovation Day, depicted as "another occasion for pragmatic advancement pioneers."

Lee Hickin, AWS IoT business advancement pioneer, APAC, says AWS will utilize its Sydney Summit to enable clients to understand the potential for IoT in certifiable, mechanical utilize cases.

"We comprehend that for some, IoT utilize cases, IoT information should be gathered, handled and actioned at the edge – where the client's business runs," he disclosed to IoT Hub.

"To mirror that, we will be displaying the capacities of AWS Greengrass in conveying IoT edge knowledge with incorporation to different administrations, for example, AWS Rekognition and AWS Machine Learning arrangements."

AWS Greengrass, Hickin clarified, is programming to run neighborhood register, informing, information reserving, match up, and machine learning induction abilities for associated gadgets secury.

"With AWS Greengrass, associated gadgets can run AWS Lambda capacities, keep gadget information in a state of harmony, and speak with different gadgets safely – notwithstanding when not associated with the Internet," he said.

"Utilizing AWS Lambda, AWS Greengrass guarantees your IoT gadgets can react rapidly to neighborhood occasions, utilize Lambda capacities running on AWS Greengrass Core to associate with nearby assets, work with irregular associations, stay refreshed with over the air refreshes, and limit the cost of transmitting IoT information to the cloud."

Another component, AWS Greengrass ML Inference, conveys machine learning administrations to the edge. "It gives application designers a chance to add machine learning models to their gadgets and edge equipment with the goal that intricate machine learned models (forecast, characterization and so on) can be run and executed on the edge – near the information," Hickin said.

To provide food for the developing requirement for handling at the edge of IoT systems, AWS likewise offers Amazon FreeRTOS. "It's a working framework for microcontrollers that makes little, low-control edge gadgets simple to program, convey, secure, interface, and oversee," Hickin said.

"Amazon FreeRTOS depends on the FreeRTOS piece, a prevalent open source working framework for microcontrollers, and broadens it with programming libraries that make it simple to safely associate your little, low-control MCU gadgets to AWS cloud administrations like AWS IoT Core or to all the more intense edge gadgets running AWS Greengrass."

Microcontrollers — single chips containing a basic processor — have constrained register power and memory limit and ordinarily perform straightforward, useful undertakings. "They as often as possible run working frameworks that don't have worked in usefulness to interface with nearby systems or the cloud, making IoT applications a test. Amazon FreeRTOS offers an answer for this need," Hickin said

Sunday, March 25, 2018

OWNZONES Announces API Integration With Amazon Web Services (AWS) For Asset Conversion

OWNZONES Media Network, an OTT EntTech organization, today reported API mix between the OWNZONES Connect media coordinations arrangement and AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

OWNZONES Connect, which is a "post house in the cloud" media coordinations arrangement, has made substantial utilization of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Media Services since the organization's initiation.

OWNZONES is giving its ability to Magnolia Pictures, the showy and home stimulation dissemination arm of Todd Wagner and Mark Cuban's 2929 Entertainment to help grow their conventional true to life items to the over-the-top (OTT) TV advertise.

"Magnolia Pictures' choice to band together with OWNZONES three years back denoted a basic defining moment in their OTT business as they are never again required to make huge interests in expensive after creation programming and have the adaptability of scaling on request and fill support of complex document positions," said Aaron Sloman, Chief Technology officer for OWNZONES.

Sloman included: "Our engineers have made a cutting edge, ground breaking arrangement that empowers video suppliers the capacity to process and convey fantastic video streams for communicate TV and multiscreen gadgets with the security, adaptability and effortlessness of cloud-based arrangements and pay-as-you-go valuing. We are charmed to declare API incorporation with AWS and to give our clients access to a total advanced substance supply and quick, adaptable access to the cloud."

"We esteem OWNZONES' specialized ability and information that it has helped make ready for us to achieve another age of buyers," said Magnolia Pictures' Jeff Cuban.

"With rapid spilling empowered by AWS Elemental MediaConvert, HD-quality controls and a future-prepared cloud engineering controlled by OWNZONES, Magnolia Pictures is very much prepared to convey a connecting with online diversion encounter for film darlings whenever and without fail."

Monday, March 19, 2018

Deloitte acquires API Talent to bolster AWS offerings

Deloitte has unveiled plans to acquire API Talent in New Zealand, as the consultancy giant expands capabilities across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud infrastructure technologies.

Terms of the agreement will see the cloud specialists join the professional services firm across Auckland and Wellington effective 1 May 2018, with co-owners Wyn Ackroyd and Sebastian Krueger becoming Deloitte partners.

“Deloitte and API Talent have worked successfully together on a number of client engagements involving the design and implementation of cloud-native applications, embracing the DevOps culture and leveraging the full AWS feature set,” Deloitte CEO, Thomas Pippos, said.

“The addition of API Talent means Deloitte is better positioned to help clients realise the benefits of cloud computing and AWS-enable their business.

"The capabilities of the API Talent team are relevant for organisations of every size and across all sectors. Many New Zealand organisations are in the early stages of building their AWS capability with a material wave of cloud adoption expected over the next three years consistent with global trends."

Founded in 2014, Wellington-based API Talent specialises in serverless, API development and cloud native technologies, with key customers including StrataMap, Radium and Area 360.

Alongside consulting and application development, the start-up also provides expertise through the delivery of next-generation managed services, specifically across the public sector in New Zealand.

Operating as a certified AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) partner, API Talent - which ranked 12th in the 2017 Deloitte Fast 50 - holds five service delivery certifications locally, employing the most certified team in New Zealand.

Furthermore, the business became the first New Zealand provider to qualify for AWS DevOps competency, backed up by stellar growth across Wellington and the lower North Island.

“By joining forces we can help accelerate the adoption of cloud technologies in Kiwi organisations,” API Talent CEO, Wyn Ackroyd, added.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to help a wider group of clients automate, innovate and eliminate technical debt and as a result, deliver better outcomes for their customers.”

The acquisition of API Talent builds on other Kiwi technology related transactions Deloitte has completed in recent years, including the 2013 acquisitions of Asparona and Tango, alongside the 2014 merger with Diablo.

Furthermore, the deal comes 12 months after Deloitte revealed plans to leverage the cloud expertise of five acquisitions completed in Australia within the last two years, as the consultancy house expands cloud capabilities through AWS.

As reported by sister publication ARN, the professional services giant has employed 2,500 practitioners globally as part of an AWS-dedicated cloud practice roll-out, designed to “de-risk” migration of enterprise applications to the public cloud.

Specifically, Deloitte is utilising the cloud platform to build and host more than 20 preconfigured SAP S/4HANA industry solutions.

With Australia and New Zealand representing key parts of the global equation, the AWS collaboration builds on a number of technology related transactions and alliances Deloitte has achieved in recent years locally.

As a result, the company will access expertise from architecture and integration specialists, Plenary Networks - acquired in October 2016 - as well as Melbourne-based systems integrator, Sixtree - acquired in July 2016 - and identity and access management services provider, Qubit Consulting, acquired in September 2015.

Furthermore, the new practice will also be advanced through Oracle implementation services, identity management and cloud solution delivery experts, Dataweave - acquired in June 2015 - alongside specialist providers of cloud infrastructure, migration and management services, Cloud Solutions Group, acquired in November 2015.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Department of Conservation chooses AWS over IaaS for data centre migration

ooked with maturing servers in an outsourced server farm, the Department of Conservation has picked to move its processing necessities to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"The disappointment of at least one servers represented a basic business hazard," DOC revealed to Reseller News a week ago.

Half of the servers in DOC's server farm, facilitated by Revera, were considered at their finish of life and never again upheld in September 2016 and the rest in January 2017.

As the legislature required every single advanced administration to be devoured as-a-benefit, DOC surveyed both AWS, provided through the all of government cloud system understanding and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provided through an IaaS concurrence with Datacom, Revera and IBM.

Information stockpiling had just been moved to Revera under IaaS in 2015.

The accessibility of AWS under the assention was declared last May at the AWS Summit in Auckland.

As a feature of DOC's yearly survey by Parliament, CFO and delegate executive general corporate administrations Christeen Mackenzie clarified that the venture was not over spending plan in light of the fact that the figures prior gave were off base.

"I would like to apologize to the advisory group: the underlying evaluated spending figure of $1.5 million was really a figure backpedaling quite a while," she said. "The genuine assessed spending figure pertinent to the undertaking was something like $3.5 million."

In 2014, the undertaking was initially surveyed as a "lift and move" work out, and an "exceptionally theoretical gauge" of expenses of $1.5 million was put into the division's capital goals for that year.

The resulting business case, arranged in 2016, gave a venture gauge of $3 million, be that as it may, and the task was affirmed and continued in light of that.

Definite outline uncovered that overhauling a SAP Finance and Plant Maintenance application and supplanting the SAP Mobile Application, Work Manager, with another HTML5 based versatile application, MyPM, would give a superior result.

A change ask for was made for this and the extra work endorsed and subsidized as a major aspect of the framework venture.

Amid the task another six minor change demands were made for extra administrations and an audit and outline of the ITMS administrations to deal with the new server farm. The last spending plan for extra work was $1.2 million, prompting the last evaluated cost of $4.2

"The genuine task itself is in its end organizes now," Mackenzie told the board of trustees. "We have really relocated a substantial number of our applications onto AWS in the cloud, and it's really turned out to be exceptionally fruitful."