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Sunday, May 14, 2017

How an AWS Managed Service Provider Can Solve These 3 Business Pain Points

Amazon Web Services has ranked first in the cloud industry for years. The state's RightScale status report in 2017 found that 57 percent of companies have adopted AWS cloud for their needs, defeating Azure and Google.

But AWS technology comes with its challenges for a company that wants to exploit it, the initial configuration of rare but harmful service interruptions (without human technology and without problems) and the inevitable scalability requirements as companies grow. Here are some key ways in which a managed service provider can mitigate these annoying common points.

Challenges with Initial Configuration and Integration

It is easy to see the cloud like a silver bullet for infrastructure formidable obstacles. Although there is some truth in this statement (not to be confused, the hype is real), often the first obstacle arises in the initial configuration of the cloud, which if not done correctly can incur additional struggles with continuous use - by no Talk about the lack of the full potential of the cloud

"75% of business workloads are now borne by the cloud."

RightScale found that lack of resources and experience remains the number one challenge when it comes to cloud application. While an internal IT team might have a considerable skill level, it is likely that you can master all AWS services and how to adapt to business needs. Without the required knowledge, good luck trying to integrate other applications into the cloud environment or try to use all AWS 40+ services.

Taking out a managed service provider may be the key to establishing the appropriate AWS environment and related services.

Website performance issues and availability

For most organizations, your website is the public face of the company and the first impression for potential customers. To avoid losing crucial business opportunities, it is imperative to avoid performance issues, such as interruptions caused by high traffic visitors, poor latency and slow page load. AWS certainly offers a number of benefits, but it is not exempt from the realization of rolling factors that can affect the visitor's experience.

This is another area where a managed service partner can be very helpful. In addition to optimizing the AWS environment for site content, they can make proactive recommendations as to when more resources are up or down. In this way, periods of increased website traffic can be planned in advance, keeping the website up and running.

Improved security

The RightScale report, while security is no longer the number one concern for cloud environments, this remains a major concern. DDoS attacks, on the one hand, increased at a significant rate, sites that have an average of 124,000 DDoS attacks per week over an 18-month period between 2015 and 2016 and a 75% increase in attack size during First half of 2016. These attacks are increasingly common in all industries, and although AWS environments offer robust security measures, it is best to create optimized warranties to align in a given cloud environment.

A managed service provider can take additional security precautions to ensure that no cyber attack attack cyber attack eliminates a website or impresses sensitive data hosted in the environment, so for an additional dose peace min

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Four reasons why you should apply for the AWS Mobility Awards 2017

For any entrepreneur, being sponsored by some of the best and biggest in the industry, or getting recognition from them, is just a dream. This dream could become a reality thanks to the price mobility of Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2017 Amazon Web Services Private Limited (Aispl), the company that helps to create sophisticated applications and provides a storage database World-class content delivery. Hands on Sequoia India, Facebook and Intel, to recognize the creation of companies and the most innovative companies offering mobile solutions.

The awards aim to discover the innovators who are proving to be real game changers in their respective areas with important ideas that can have a significant impact. Here are four reasons to apply for AWS mobility awards:

1. An opportunity to be mentored by experts who have been there, who did
    AWS Mobility Awards bring together experts for a tutorial workshop to encourage innovation and guide entrepreneurs to develop their business. Participants will listen to concrete examples of experts that will add to their learning experience.
2. An opportunity to attend meetings of mobile application developers
  Candidates will also be part of the dynamic encounters of mobile developers. The sessions will include discussions and interactions with certain mobile developers the best known of the global economy of innovation.
3. A great break and a platform to show your innovation to the industry
    If selected, participants will have the opportunity to present their innovations to the world. This also with the help of people who are willing to listen to you and teach you everything they know. It will not be better than that.
4. A Networking Platform With Big Names And Experienced Minds
    Anyone who has a business or has an innovative idea will want to decide on their business to move. What better place to network with people, an event where relevant industry stalwarts are present? So here is your chance to seize the day!
But it does not end there. The finalists will have their applications quickly followed the Facebook FbStart program, while the winners of the Emerging Industry Awards category and special awards will receive a guaranteed acceptance program. The bonus here is - if you are pre-selected for FbStart Bootstrap or FbStart Accelerate, you are eligible for AWS credits valued at $ 5 and $ 15,000,000, respectively. There is even an opportunity for finalists to have direct access to Sequoia Hack, 2017, as well as special access for demonstration days and mentoring sessions with the Sequoia India team.

Finalists will also be featured in the binder programs and on social networks. Trophy program and winner sticker will be recognized on the company website, of course. Starts with physical products will be considered for review by the Amazon launch program and all winners were Amazon Kindle, they are to win!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Google is aiming to steal Amazon cloud customers in the media industry

The effort to catch the cloud alphabet of Amazon is the protagonist of one of the largest conferences of the year in the media industry.

Tariq Shaukat, a president of Google's cloud division, is one of the keynote speakers of the National Association of Broadcasters expedition in Las Vegas on Monday. Its goal is to give the media and entertainment industry the kind of projects that can be exploited in Google's massive data centers, enjoying the size and complexity of the largest Internet company in the world.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC.com ahead of the event, Shaukat said Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can help media companies move faster at lower cost, customize their messages and increase their revenue.

As in all industries, attacks, GCP faces a major task with the largest media companies. Amazon Web Services (AWS) ran about seven years starting and has a dominant market share in its top rivals, Microsoft, Google and IBM.

"This is one of the major vertical regions in which we invest," Shaukat said.

Especially in the media, Google offers a product called Zync allows the provision of high speed projects that require a lot of bandwidth. Animated television shows virtual reality content, teams of artists and designers can turn the Google cloud to quickly and affordably produce.

These companies can continue to use AWS for their storage needs and data servers, while turning to GCP for specific projects even if Google is competing for the other elements.

"We found that almost without exception, all the customers we have are a multi-cloud client," said Shaukat.

AWS, as a market leader, does not talk much about a multi-cloud world. AWS CEO Andy Jassy at a summit last week made customers use more of their Amazon workloads because development teams did not want to learn multiple systems and code bases. And the more you work at AWS, the more you can take advantage of volume discounts, he said.

Google has achieved some high-level multimedia achievements. Snap said in its initial public offering information brochure earlier this year that it went from $ 400 million a year to the BPC, double its AWS annual average spending.

Spotify announced last year that it was abandoning its own data centers in favor of Google. Spotify Mobile online music service and requires a part of the magic that makes Google's search engine: speed and personalization.

"The emphasis on personalization is very important to the customers we talk to," Shaukat said.

In addition to its ability to rapidly develop recommendations for customers, Google's main research tools and acquisition machines also help businesses that need text for voice services, image recognition and video search, Shaukat said.

NAB media companies will hear competing messages from Amazon. The conference includes a session on securing AWS cloud content and another on-the-go Discovery Communications uses AWS to support hundreds of channels around the world.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Microsoft makes a small acquisition to help it catch Amazon's cloud

When Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft was, he had a good part of the scene in a conference wearing a sweaty shirt and shouting a word repeated: developers!

Ballmer's 14-year reign at the head of the software company was completed three years ago, in part because developers were going anywhere except Microsoft.

If Apple and Android to create mobile applications, Amazon Web Services run and test websites, or open source technology easier to implement and customize, many programmers have avoided the old Microsoft Developer platforms for bright toys elsewhere.

Since replacing Ballmer as CEO in early 2014, Satya Nadella has made it one of its primary goals to bring developers. His latest move came on Monday with the acquisition of Deis, an open source tool that allows developers to create, run and move applications between local computers and clouds from different Microsoft vendors. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Of Microsoft Azure Cloud is a second away for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nadella is competing to gain a greater market share as companies quickly move the workloads from their own data centers to the cloud. The promotion of emerging open source projects is essential to win business from developers who want the widest possible range of software and platforms.

"With all the open source projects that plague developers, you should have the bids to respond to this option if you want to attract your cloud," said John Vrionis, partner at Venture Capital in Silicon Valley Lightspeed Venture Partners and a Enterprise software inverter. "If the developers start at AWS and meet, they do not come to think about Azure."

Microsoft recently began working with Databricks to integrate integration tools and start analyzing data in Azure. Databricks, one of the few companies marketing the open source Apache framework, has so far worked at AWS. And at the end of last year, Microsoft has made the astounding decision to join the Linux Foundation as a platinum member, publicly supporting the open source platform that has always competed with Microsoft's flagship Windows operating system.

This new emphasis on openness is not limited to Azure. One year ago, Microsoft spent $ 500 million on a company called Xamarin, whose software helps developers build applications on all major mobile platforms, namely iOS and Android.

Cloud is the great battle. This is where Microsoft Windows servers, which play an important role in the data centers of many companies, are thrown when companies unload their infrastructure. By the end of 2016, AWS controls 40 percent of the infrastructure market in the cloud, while the next three players - Microsoft, Google and IBM - accounted for 23 percent, according to Synergy Research Group.

The acquisition of Deis Microsoft pushes more deeply into the red packaging market. Containers allow developers to create code in a virtual box to be shared or moved between applications and the cloud easily. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft's cloud group, called containers "the new currency in the cloud."

"At Microsoft, we've seen both explosive growth at once interesting and the deployment of container workloads on Azure, and we're committed to ensuring that Azure is the best place to run," Guthrie said in a blog entry on Monday .

Deis is proclaimed as "making Kubernetes easy to use." Kubernetes is an open source technology container developed by Google to deploy and scale applications. Microsoft bought Deis from Engine Yard, a company whose software is designed to make applications run smoothly in the cloud.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

UKFast Opens Trapdoor under prices, Thumbs nose at AWS

The UK offers UK accommodation UKFast lowered its prices for overnight accommodation Openstack said, taking a burst of AWS.

The lowest prices refer to the UKFast Flex eCloud platform and the company says it has lowered its prices by up to 44 percent. Several discounts are available for wholesale purchases, including 30 percent for customers who have a three-year contract.

"It was very good for our industry where AWS entered the market as it fosters innovation and forces around the world to develop their game," said CEO Laurence Jones.

"But it is easy in the business to become a victim of their own success and I believe AWS because of its size as it is unable to match the level of support provided by some of the smaller British hosts and cloud games."

Jones added: "There is a lot of confusion as to how certain elastic and null products have a price clients end up paying a lot more than they expected while hidden costs arose .."

Is not wrong. While UKFast put their bids on a price calculator on a page, Amazon has a multitude of calculators and a wide range of options to choose from.

ECloud Flex UKFast said in a statement, it allows developers to "build and generate individual virtual machines programmatically with all virtual hosting platforms with the provided OpenStack APIs."

"The popularity of Flex is not a surprise," said the company, "but it has allowed us to expand the product and now we pass on the benefits to our customers. The investments we have made in our data centers mean that we now offer the cloud to A more competitive price.

The big elephant in the room to choose AWS is the cost of network out or bandwidth. Up to 10 tons / month bandwidth of the public Internet network Amazon EC2 (London area) on demand will cost you $ 0.09 / GB - $ 180 per month if you use all 10TB - then charge that UKFast To 10 TB of public Internet network bandwidth is £ 32.00 / month or $ 39.71.

On the other hand, an AWS "hard disk" can be moved from one server to another. Additionally, AWS scales for self-efficacy, which makes it more or less perfectly the highest amount of NIS bar leaving your wallet.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

AWS says a typo caused the massive S3 failure this week

Everybody makes mistakes. But working with Amazon Web Services means that incorrect entry can lead to a massive failure that will paralyze popular sites and services. This is apparently what happened earlier this week, when the AWS Storage (S3) service at the Northern Virginia vendor experienced a 11-hour system failure.

All other Amazon services in the US-ESTE-1 region that rely on S3, such as Elastic Block Store, Lambda, and the launch of a new forum to offer them the Elastic Compute Cloud service infrastructures have been impacted by the interruption.

AWS has apologized for the incident at an autopsy published Thursday. The blackout affected the likes of Netflix, Reddit, Imgur and Adobe. More than half of the 100 online shopping sites have experienced slower load times during the failure, according to APICA's monitoring service site.

Here is what caused the failure, and what Amazon plans:

According to Amazon S3 authorized employee has executed a command that was supposed to be "extracting a small number of servers from one of the subsystems S3 S3 that is used by the billing process" in response to the service of the billing processes running more Slow than expected. One of the parameters of the command was incorrectly entered and fired at a large number of servers that support a pair of S3 critical subsystems.

The subsystem handles metadata index and location information for all S3 objects within the region, while the inversion subsystem manages the allocation of new storage facilities and requires the index subsystem to function properly. Fault-tolerant, the number of servers stopped requires both a full reboot.

As it turns out, Amazon has not completely restarted these systems in their larger regions for several years, and S3 has experienced massive growth in the interim time. Restarting these subsystems has taken longer than expected, which added to the duration of the outage.

In response to this incident, AWS makes several changes to its internal tools and processes. The responsible for the failure tool has been modified to remove the slower servers and block transactions that have capacity below the control security levels. AWS also evaluates its other tools to ensure they have similar security systems.

AWS engineers will also begin refactoring the S3 index subsystem to help accelerate restarts and reduce the Blast Radius problems in the future.

The cloud service provider has also modified its dashboard health service dashboard to run in several regions. AWS employees were unable to update the dashboard during the crash because the S3 console depended on the affected area.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Amazon may launch new AWS productivity suite to take on Microsoft and Google

Amazon Web Services intends to consolidate its messaging, file storage and videoconferencing services into a productivity package that would compete with Microsoft and Google, according to a report released on Friday.

The sources said the information that AWS is still in the early stages of development with its productivity suite and has not been settled exactly what applications would be included. The company is working to update its current WorkDocs Workmail and to attract more corporate customers.

The combination of applications helps AWS to compete with Google and Microsoft Office Suite G 365. Companies that are currently working with AWS told the information that Amazon Services does not sell as well as they are currently less advanced than Google or Microsoft products .

Amazon is catching up with other productivity suites by adding the functionality of existing applications such as Workmail. In November, for example, AWS has added the ability to record all emails sent and received so that companies in the finance and health sectors can comply with compliance regulations.

Last week AWS announced the application of the doorbell that combines video conferencing, voice, chat and screen sharing. Adding this application as a whole could make Amazon's services as suites feature meeting places or similar Microsoft computers.

The information indicated that it is not yet clear whether the AWS result includes an online word processing application that allows for collaboration such as Google Docs. Amazon does not currently offer such a service, but a source said it could enter this territory with a recent update of the existing AppStream service.

There are no details about the cost of the Amazon productivity suite. Suite G Google starts at $ 5 per user per month, and Microsoft Office 365 starts at $ 6 per user per month. AWS currently charges $ 6 for Workmail and WorkDocs.