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Monday, September 28, 2015

Re:Thinking the AWS enterprise push on the eve of re:Invent

Companies are headlong into the deep end with diving AWS. But as re: Invent 2015 approach, the lack of control of the cloud still some concerns

In preparation for re: Invent 2015 annual user conference Amazon Web Services in Las Vegas next month, I sat down with Kris Bliesner, CTO clock and co-founder of the second, I managed public cloud provider based in Seattle AWS partner and to get your perspective on how things have changed in the business of AWS since last year and what surprises he saw.

In the category decidedly "not surprising" Organizations are becoming more aggressive with AWS time. "Last year there were a lot of rumors, but this year, people move their plans forward a good bit - the execution of acceleration," said Bliesner.

But what is surprising is the degree to which some stores AWS. Some are even braving the wind and ERP (ERP) SAP migration as AWS, Bliesner said.

It is not enough that AWS provides a type large enough to accommodate the massive ERP instance, or cloud security does not meet the needs of all implementations. Is that "it mammoth systems, cobwebs everywhere," said Bliesner. But ERP implementations slightly smaller makes more sense.

"The footprint of these systems in the scene is really difficult to handle, but they are difficult to prove, are difficult to update and patch," he said. "There are real to what you can do in a complex environment physical limits."

So for ERP, in particular, the cloud offers the advantage of "the infinite infrastructure" or elasticity that enables administrators to simply replicate entire environments, for example, when you upgrade. They may change after this instance once completed, avoiding investment in infrastructure capacity or overfilling planned downtime.

"There is so much money, it's about time," said Bliesner.

All this sounds great, but in the rush of companies to move to AWS, "also gave us a few steps back in terms of IT best practices," said Bliesner.

"Years ago, the control equipment is regulated well enough," he added. "You had long delays, sure, but we had rules that were approved by a team of enterprise architecture" These days, there are no rules -. And the results of insecurity platforms wrong size.

Many things go wrong when you go all-in too quickly. The costs are unpredictable and safety are not fully thought out.

"Leaders command to go all-in with the cloud, but they do not do the preliminary work to determine the rules - public cloud to use for the workload," he lamented. In many ways, "it is almost similar to the [VM] had spread back in the day."

Do not expect to do much hand holding AWS, either.

"Amazon is not the average of the company's enterprise software business. They pushed the issue of do-it-yourself too hard. But one day, people wake up and say," AWS said it would be easy, but do not is. "

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 4

Question No 4:

How many Elastic IP by default in Amazon Account?

A. 1 Elastic IP
B. 3 Elastic IP
C. 5 Elastic IP
D. 0 Elastic IP

Answer: D

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Amazon’s AWS DynamoDB experiences outage,

Amazon’s AWS DynamoDB experiences outage, affecting Netflix, Reddit, Medium, and more:

Have you noticed the applications do not work on your phone? Perhaps no Netflix?

In fact, for a few hours, Amazon Web Services suffered a blackout.

This affected Netflix, due to hunting, Nido, Reddit, East, IMDB, social flows, and clean Alexa Amazon and instant video services to users throughout North America.

Venture Beat Social Flow program uses social media messages. You've probably noticed that the links of our social media flows will lead to an error page 503. We, uh, hoping that classes on Amazon.

It is likely to be a costly mistake for Amazon. Already in 2013, a similar failure has cost Amazon reported $ 1,100 per second.

At the same time go out. Place on the grass and examine the impact of our modern entire lives living in fallible systems.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question PDF

AWS Solution Architect Associate:

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 3

Question No 4:

What does Amazon ElastiCache provide?

A service by this name doesn't exist. Perhaps you mean Amazon Cloud Cache.
A virtual server with a huge amount of memory.
A managed In-memory cache service.
An Amazon EC2 instance with the Memcached software already pre-installed.

Answer: C

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New tool uses S3 to reap AWS cost savings

A new company has emerged from stealth an alternative to AWS Auto Scaling Groups for SMEs looking for tips to reduce costs EC2.

A new company of the flesh of nowhere in the vast ecosystem of Amazon Web Services, this week, with software that "parks" AWS EC2 cloud computing resources to reduce costs.

. ParkMyCloud Inc., based in Sterling, Virginia, meat With this software stealth REST API to record images using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machines in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) - in which there are at calculating hourly fees. He throws these cases from EC2 images when needed most. The company also claims performance overhead is negligible to turn the machine back, because the software works out of band and case are simply decree "not stored as snapshots. Upon restart, the cases are relit, assign an IP address and they are ready for operation.

The tool evaluates the cost savings users also get ahead of the monthly billing, with the price, rocking a beta client to invest in the tool instead of making your own script to get the same result.

"Month after month, was continued by the bill, and more customers will use [our services], also has accounts," said Michael Biddick, CEO of Fusion PPT, a business technology services Washington, DC that specializes in the creation of development and test environments in the cloud. "But honestly, I do not know if we were going to see the savings in it, or what would be the savings."

In retrospect, the fact that the company handles workloads test and development, which does not require machines running 24/7, which has been designed especially suitable for ParkMyCloud method to generate cost savings. ParkMyCloud Fusion PPT The software uses the first month, the AWS were 55% cost saving thousands of dollars in savings, BY Biddick.

"We have had a return on investment in the first two weeks of using the software," Biddick Said.

Scripts ParkMyCloud could do this, but for a small company, the developer would take time to write the scripts would be more expensive than the use of the software. ParkMyCloud starts at $ 29 per month for up to 29 cases, and the price levels to $ 99 for 29-99 EC2 instances, and reaches a maximum of $ 499 per month to 500 cases.

Hyphens also not provide cost savings. "Just be a surprise at the end of the month we have recovered," Biddick Said.

From the management perspective, the scripts do not necessarily visible from the point of view of the reporting and governance, and auto-discover new and additional resources in different regions, Biddick said.

The ParkMyCloud tool has limits; CEO Jay Chapelle said the focus of the company is starting and small and medium enterprises. You are asked to customers in more than 500 cases of ParkMyCloud call for price and service.

Also the company is very young, a spin-off of the Ostrato majority, making a platform for cloud management software. ITS has received initial funding ParkMyCloud July 1.

Young as the company it has more sweetener deal on the table. ParkMyCloud add role-based access, branding, naming conventions, a recommendation engine that shows the servers to park, and usage reports last connection control.

Also ParkMyCloud scale against specific groups Auto Amazon, which are free to all AWS users; users can set a minimum setting of "zero" in Auto Scaling Groups and achieve the same effect as ParkMyCloud offers.

Said ParkMyCloud chapel sees society as Auto Scaling groups mainly behind offering high availability load balancers and develop massively for retailers on vacation, instead of being a tool of simple cost reduction.

"The main goal of both is very different." Chapel said Auto Scaling Groups, said that "the goal is the performance for the cost."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Question No 2

Question No 2:

What does Amazon Route53 provide?

A global Content Delivery Network.
None of these.
A scalable Domain Name System.
An SSH endpoint for Amazon EC2.

Answer: C

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bulletproof achieves AWS

Bulletproof achieves AWS Managed Service Partner status;


Service Provider listed on ASX cover, bulletproof, reached the state managed AWS 'Service Partner.

The program evaluates the ability of a supplier to develop, migrate and manage cloud infrastructure and applications.

For this type of rating, AWS conducted an audit by a third party cloud service capabilities bulletproof involving DevOps, security, boarding procedures, management services, support, legal information and incident management.

The program recognizes the bulletproof ability to help more than 600 customers, including Hyundai, Qantas, Amaysim and ministries to use the public cloud and hybrid architectures.

Bulletproof is an approved federal government and its staff have more than 70 certifications across a range of technologies cloud provider.