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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Amazon’s AWS DynamoDB experiences outage,

Amazon’s AWS DynamoDB experiences outage, affecting Netflix, Reddit, Medium, and more:

Have you noticed the applications do not work on your phone? Perhaps no Netflix?

In fact, for a few hours, Amazon Web Services suffered a blackout.

This affected Netflix, due to hunting, Nido, Reddit, East, IMDB, social flows, and clean Alexa Amazon and instant video services to users throughout North America.

Venture Beat Social Flow program uses social media messages. You've probably noticed that the links of our social media flows will lead to an error page 503. We, uh, hoping that classes on Amazon.

It is likely to be a costly mistake for Amazon. Already in 2013, a similar failure has cost Amazon reported $ 1,100 per second.

At the same time go out. Place on the grass and examine the impact of our modern entire lives living in fallible systems.

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