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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Octet Replaces Ageing On-Premises Stack With Hybrid AWS Environment

Doubts about the reliability of its hardware byte cell site leads to move all your Amazon Web Services servers, while maintaining minimal infrastructure on the site.

 Byte when it was created 28 years ago, the only option was to build the company had a battery of traditional materials in place. Until two years ago, based on the Byte aging infrastructure to keep the business running.

Byte offers online portal that gives an idea of ​​the companies in the process of financial supply chain, including trafficking the option of paying suppliers using a method through exchange rates in real time. To date, the company says it has supported transactions between US customers and more than 10,000 suppliers in 60 countries clubs $ 1 billion.

 COO Michael Romanos byte describes the investment of the company in its traditional battery in place as like "watching depreciates nothing."

Ro said most of the time, the company was left guessing reliability acerca local servers were, as the company was not aware of their backup systems Whether or disaster recovery work.

"It could be extended downtime, and the problem with this is that you have to call the service provider to control the account manager, who had to enter the network technician, and all of a sudden, is almost five hours later, and nobody knows what happens, "he said.

 The most difficult problem facing the company, however, according to Rom, was the difficulty of the transition of information on new platforms such as home servers continued to age.

To solve the original problem, the bytes association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy a majority of its infrastructure in place for the cloud - to treat about two months had to fill. The deployment involved bytes moving business environment: as a file server and server development, construction and environment production environment that hosts the database server and Web company.

The only infrastructure in place that remains is the domain controller of the company, in addition to high speed, low latency line fiber optic Internet connection and a firewall.

 The firewall is crucial for business operations bytes, Romani said for the company to make some of your private servers Appearing, use the firewall to establish a virtual private network connection between the office and AWS.

Microsoft Azure also in close contention was Saeed Rom, but AWS Byte This felt was "more mature".

Total control

 According to Rom, since the deployment of ITS AWS servers, the company achieved more than the STI control environment, and reliable to create new instances and redirect the charges. I added flexibility of having to demolish and build a new environment using the underlying hardware and the latest versions of operating systems AWS is another advantage.

"Now that we have moved to cloud our ability to innovate and work with our product roadmap and valuable capabilities have increased significantly 10 times," I said.

Also byte reliable to operate with low latency, despite their servers are located in AWS. Rom added low latency is good role as part of the operational function of the company involves the volatile currency market.

"It feels as if it is a local experience, and all due to the fact that it is a line of low latency," I said.

Octet experience for customers - global financial institutions such as Westpac and Bank of Nanjing These are the holders of the Octet platform in different locations - also improved Saeed Rom. Byte no longer you have to depend on "an old uncomfortable physical server" when you want to change your environment, but instead can replicate changes in AWS.

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