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Sunday, April 17, 2016

CIOs Favor Microsoft Azure Over AWS, According to New Survey

In one trillion dollars now and the landscape today, the public cloud has already claimed 16.2% of all enterprise workloads, according to a new survey JP Morgan CIO. CIOs expect the percentage to almost triple in the next five years, however, sends it to rise 40.3% of all workloads, and let the hierarchy of existing IT providers in the important disorder .

In fact, as the authors of the report conclude JP Morgan, this "change of monumental architecture" public cloud "shows no signs of slowing down and is likely to create a significant ripple effect across the technology landscape."

Perhaps most interesting, however, is that CIOs expect to start cloud royalty. The answer, like pasta-news reference sites regularly, may surprise you.

Who's first?

When asked, "What a mega-vendor IT is more important and indispensable for the IT environment of your company in the future, and why," Amazon Web Services, the leader in market share by far, aujourd? alas, not at the top of the stack:

Amazon, which outperforms its peers in terms of cloud income- $ 8 million compared to $ 1.1 million from Microsoft or Google $ 500 million for Morgan Stanley estimates-is second remote location for Microsoft. Obviously, the AWS domination today is not reflected in the realm of affection IOC morning.

Where is?

CIOs have long worshiped in Microsoft and cut a lot of slack as he understood Azure. In 2013, a survey by Piper Jaffray found that 45% of CIOs chose as his "most important supplier" Microsoft, but at the time few would have pinned their hopes on the Redmond giant cloud.

Two years later, however, a survey by Piper Jaffray preferences clouds DSI in 2015 revealed a preference for AWS (35%), which was not surprising since Microsoft Azure in the second (21%), which was such time.
However, there is more to this story.

From zero to hero

After all, another way to read data from AWS is that was not even on the radar in 2013 when IOC ran Piper Jaffray research. Oracle? Clear. HP? Yes. Even Apple has made the list. However, Amazon? Come on. It is a seller of books!

In 2016, it is clear that AWS is a strength of the company, but it is not clear that the current generation of IT managers are prepared. Its developers, yes. But the IOC? Can be. Undoubtedly, most CIOs have probably not yet face the prospect of introducing a new "megavendor" in the mix.

Here it is what JP Morgan Research has to say:

"First, the appearance of AWS in the number two position signals a potentially significant change of the guard ... and reveals its return on investment, and to use the influence of computing professionals. AWS classification sends a strong indication that threats to, traditional site of infrastructure providers are serious ".
In support of this assertion, the report cites AWS CIO respondents characterized as "... a transforming power whose effects will be felt in technology, processes, development, etc." and indicate "many will be migrating to AWS resources over the next 12 months."

All this is true of AWS, but also increasingly true of Microsoft Azure. I suspect the same survey next year will show a dramatic increase mindshare IOC (even if it continues to accumulate proportion of the portfolio), with Microsoft Azure holding firmly with the affections of the IOC and get faster income that everyone except AWS. Meanwhile, when asked JP Morgan Research CIO these same sellers could lose share AWS and Microsoft Azure, 26% chose IBM, 15% chose Hewlett-Packard Company, and 14.5% chose Oracle.

All this indicates a significant change in the custody of the company, Amazon and Microsoft crashing the party solidify its already strong relationships with CIOs, like almost everyone loses. Now is the most exciting change that has seen in decades. Grab your popcorn.

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