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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Thanks to Prime and AWS, Amazon.com, Inc. Ended 2015 on a Strong Note

Retail and online services giant Electronic Amazon. today announced its results for the fourth quarter of 2015 on Thursday today. Amazon shares have taken it on the chin, dropping to 11.3% on Friday morning. After-hours action just after the publication of the results, share prices have fallen almost 15%. At both ends, the action was not seen explores negative territory since October.

13:00 Friday as Amazon shares were trading at about 8% below the closing price Thursday - or in line with the final trading Monday. And do not forget that the price of the stock rose 88% higher in the last 52 weeks.

While Amazon may equal the annual income and the value of market capitalization with leading traditional retailers out there, investors still seem often treated as a minnow highly volatile growth.

Amazon Q4 results in figures

What happened with Amazon this quarter?

The company has met or exceeded all of its official objectives in the fourth quarter. Always you look the neighborhood called "miss" because Wall Street analysts had put their estimates above the official forecast of Amazon, and this is probably the reason for the drop in its share price.
  •   . The comparison of results from Amazon orientation objectives since the last report stated, revenues are above the average of the official guide fork. Operating profit fell near the top of the target range of Amazon, which lasted from $ 80 million to $ 1.28 billion.
  •   costs of stock-based compensation for the quarter ended in $ 606 million, a little less than $ 620 million that has been cooked in operating profit forecasts.
  •   platform cloud computing known as Amazon Web Services or AWS, saw its fourth-quarter sales up 69% year over year to $ 2.4 billion. AWS segment provides 6.7% of all revenues from Amazon, but 39% of operating income in the segment of society.
  •   Do not know exactly how much Amazon Prime members of the company, but the first Rolodex paying subscribers worldwide increased 51% larger from year to year.
Looking ahead, Amazon did not provide guidance not in a full year, but always financial targets for the first quarter of 2016.
  •   Net sales are up about 23% year on year, landing close to $ 27.8 billion.
  •   Operating income must stop at about $ 400 million, if the forecast range is only $ 100 million all the way up $ 700 million. In the period last year, operating income was $ 255 million.
  •   The operating profit target includes about $ 600 million in compensation expense based on expected actions.
Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. Source:

The management had to say

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos wax poetic growth his company has seen. "Twenty years ago, I drove parcels to the post office and hope we can someday allow a forklift," Bezos said in a press release. "This year, we spent $ 100 billion in annual sales and serve 300 million customers."

Although Bezos still sees plenty of room for future growth, "And yet, as measured by the dynamism that we see around the market and constantly expanding opportunities as we invent on behalf of customers, which feels every bit like Day 1 ".

In the earnings call with analysts, CFO Brian Olsavsky adds color to the rapid growth and the innate value of Amazon Premium in general and Prime video service includes in particular:

When the first video is first used by our members, which promotes the adoption and retention test freely convertible higher rate, and increased turnover for subscribers.So what encouraged us was that by Q4, Overall, our first members the number of hours of listening to the first video from year to year doubled. And internationally, we had twice as many members of transmitting Prime members year after year.

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