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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Amazon to Launch First AWS Region in Canada This Year

Amazon plans to open an area of ​​Web services in Montreal this year. This is the first region in Canada AWS.

"We are very proud that Amazon Web Services has chosen Quebec as home to the first region of Canada's infrastructure," said Philippe Couillard, the Premier of Quebec.

Other regions AWS in Northern Virginia include North America, Northern California and Oregon.
"This announcement shows that Quebec has a positive climate for investment and the supply of renewable, reliable power, low cost, clean, carbon neutral," Couillard said.

Amazon also plans to add regions in China and India this year.

"These assets are attracting world-class companies," Couillard said. "The creation of an industry leading cloud technology in Quebec foster continuous innovation and economic growth in Quebec and in Canada."

"We look forward to serve new and existing customers at home and work with partners in the region," said Jeff Amazon Bar.

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