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Sunday, November 22, 2015

The new AWS region is set to further cloud adoption in the UK

With the steady increase in the adoption AWS UK, it should be no surprise that AWS will be adding a new region of the United Kingdom in late 2016.

Last week, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels announced the new AWS region between the other five regions of the United Kingdom, which will open in 2016: India, Ohio, South Korea, the United Kingdom and a second region in China.

The new regions are welcome to British companies are interested in adding cloud migration, but are struggling with issues of sovereignty data, increased regulatory restrictions and increased importance of security threats. Companies must balance the risk of migration of clouds against local regulations associated with the rising costs of suppliers and / or inner housing.

With the new region of the United Kingdom further barrier to cloud adoption it is eliminated, allowing companies to take advantage of significant savings and better performance of AWS while reducing the regulatory risk of data stored outside the United United.

New AWS region is even more important in light of the input / output imminent EU referendum in 2017. If the UK opt out of the EU, the data is loaded to remain in the UK. This uncertainty has caused many companies AWS to delay adoption plans for fear that the referendum would force them to go through the time and expense of two draft migration: AWS and outside the platform shortly thereafter. The new zone allows businesses to securely hold AWS Regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

The remaining barriers to cloud adoption are usually a variety of security issues, and security will undoubtedly continue to drive the cloud almost every conversation. However, with the failure of local providers of accommodation to offer transparency in security practices, the recent violations of these providers, and increased cloud education, have those conversations were of "is the public cloud safe?" To "How can we have data protection offers public cloud?"

Consequently, a larger volume of British companies will be willing to trust critical workloads in the cloud. AWS provides native features to protect your security infrastructure common As DDoS attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, etc., while maintaining the sovereignty of the data.

AWS is working feverishly to remove obstacles to the adoption of large-scale cloud and with the new region of the United Kingdom, businesses are prepared to harness the performance, computing power, and the degree of AWS platform. It's an exciting time to be in the UK and see the transformation taking place now.

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