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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Smart421 beefs up AWS support offering

Smart421 beefs up AWS support offering:


Amazon Web Services (AWS) to couple said Smart 421 is able to provide 'unknown' customer support levels after splashing out on level of business support AWS Premium.

In the past, Smart421 offered what is known as the business support, but after investing "significantly" now can offer its customers the improved version.

The Luxury provide help both first contact Smart421 clients also support the rapid response of 15 minutes. Plumping for this offer customers can receive support throughout the day.

Joseph head of marketing told RCN Launches dealer knows of no other company in the UK offering this level of support and said the amount spent on support was not small.

"This kind of thing is unheard of," he said. "The price of access is important, and this was an important investment for us. We pass on this benefit to our customers. We want to put our customers there first."

He said providing the highest level of support set out Smart421 rivals.
"It helps us take action against the competitive threat that we see in the channel," he said.

"Are we afraid of [competitors]? No. Do not care what they do? They look at what they do, but we are not bothered by what they do. And that they do not care about it is that we move forward with our partnership strategy - is expected, supported and is growing. "

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