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Sunday, November 8, 2015

AWS announces UK region offering local cloud storage in wake of Safe Harbour ruling

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a new region of the United Kingdom for their cloud services. It is expected that the operation in the UK will be completed in late 2016, and the facility will strengthen the existing regional AWS deals in Dublin and Frankfurt.

The news has a double impact for customers in the UK. Operationally, lower latency is created, the greater the flow of offers for customers significantly affect organizations such as Channel 4 using AWS as the backbone of his All 4 service.

The second aspect is the ongoing controversy surrounding the decision safe harbor. British companies will now be able to store data in the UK, avoiding any nasty law governing access to files that exist in other countries.

Of course, the news comes in the same week that the Charter called snoops was revealed, which includes a number of provisions that will make the UK less attractive based storage.

Government CTO Liam Maxwell was glowing in his praise of the decision of the Amazon and spoke of the need for data storage on land.

"It's great to see that AWS provides cloud services for business data centers in the UK. This means not only a significant investment in the UK economy, but the most healthy competition and innovation in the data center market in the United Kingdom.

"This is good news for the government of the UK due to the large amount of data we have that should be kept on the ground," he said.

The announcement of a region of the UK comes just one day after Amazon unveiled a series of new data centers in South Korea. Jeff Barr, one of the leading evangelists AWS cloud, said in a blog: "We have always believed that it should be able to exercise full control over which data is stored and where it is processed."

That's very noble, but Amazon had probably not opt ​​for Theresa May.

We reported last month at an Australian university who had taken the decision to move to Google Apps to Microsoft Office 365 explicitly that your data is stored in Europe rather than the United States. It is an illustration of what is involved in planning a cloud infrastructure

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