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Sunday, November 20, 2016

AWS shines light on Virginia Solar Scheme

Amazon plans to open five new solar power parks to help make its AWS cloud data centers.

The last five facilities will be located in Virginia and will provide electricity to regional cloud centers in the eastern United States in Virginia and Ohio.

Amazon said the new signals will be installed in the counties of New Kent, Buckingham, Sussex, Southampton and Powhatan. Southampton factory will aim to produce 100 MW of power, while the other four have lower capacity of 20MW.

The new plants will join the 80MW farm in Accomack County to provide electricity to the Virginia Amazon AWS farm. In total, Amazon said it now has 10 solar parks on works at power plants in Virginia and Ohio that host AWS regional forums in the United States.

"We continue to advance our sustainability efforts in areas where the availability of renewable energy sources is low or proposed projects are blocked and where the energy contribution happening on the same power grid as the AWS data centers powers," said Peter DeSantis,

Amazon says that by the end of 2017 it is expected to have more than half of all of its cloud computing facilities provided by renewable energy sources.

AWS and other cloud providers have been subject to a review of the power sources used by their cloud computing facilities. Due to the demands of nature and the enormous remote power of most cloud computing data centers, the installation of these facilities in renewable energy sources and out of coal plants has become a problem environmental. Your strategies for cloud computing.

The announcement of the AWS comes amid speculation that renewable energy projects could take a back seat to increased fossil fuel production in the incoming presidential administration of Trump.

While the facility will be located only a few hours from Washington DC, it probably will not supply so much government work in the cloud. The Amazon Government Cloud Service is located on servers located in a center of the Pacific Northwest.

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