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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Here's what people say about working at AWS

Here's what people say about working at AWS, Amazon’s profit-pumping $12 billion cloud business

Most people know that the online shopping site Amazon sells everything from books to groceries.

But the real growth engine behind Amazon's cloud activity called Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is on track to more than $ 12 billion in annual revenue.

AWS is now the most profitable and fastest growing in the Amazon. In this step, you can also become one of the most popular places for engineers work.

We looked Glassdoor, Quora and other sources to see what people say about their experience working with AWS.

AWS has reached $ 3.2 billion in revenue last quarter, up 55% year to year. Only 10% of Amazon's total revenue ($ 32 million), but AWS is the most profitable business of the company with an operating profit margin of over 30%.

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