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Sunday, November 13, 2016

NZ first as Soltius seals AWS SAP Competency

Soltius became the first New Zealand company to get the SAP SAP Amazon Web Services skill, and only the second across the trans-Tasman region to achieve this status.

According to the world's cloud leader, AWS SAP Competency status is only awarded to SAP resellers who have demonstrated their success by helping customers implement, migrate and manage SAP applications on the AWS Cloud.

Soltius, which last year partnered with AWS to launch a New Zealand practice dedicated to the SAP Cloud, said that in addition to the new skill status, it is now also AWS reseller partner.

"As an AWS reseller, we are able to provide New Zealand companies with a wide range of additional benefits for the AWS," said Nick Mulcahy, CEO of Soltius.

"As an AWS Advanced Partner and Dealer, we can offer our customers significant cost advantages, including billing console, provide them with increased visibility of their AWS services and offer architecture consulting to optimize their use of the cloud.

"This is not restricted to SAP users either - we can offer these benefits to any New Zealand organization that looks to better leverage the AWS cloud to its full advantage.

As a leading information technology firm, 100% New Zealand works with more than 80 major national organizations to provide SAP solutions, support and advice.

In addition, the company has delivered more SAP ERP projects in New Zealand than any other SAP partner in the country.

"New Zealand companies of all sizes are now moving into the cloud to simplify infrastructure management, improve time-to-market and reduce costs," added Mulcahy.

"AWS offers a reliable and secure infrastructure platform that enables organizations to quickly deploy their cloud solutions.

"As the benefits of the cloud continue to grow, in many cases, surpassing on-site solutions for some businesses, it makes sense for us to be there at the front."

Soltius was the first partner in Asia Pacific to be certified as a SAP partner to achieve Gold status in New Zealand.

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