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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Is Google now causing public cloud pain for AWS, Microsoft and IBM?

“AWS, Microsoft, IBM and the other cloud vendors should be concerned with this new entrant into the market.”

The newcomer in the market is actually Google, as technology giants in the cloud back to the table with an offer reoriented.

Costs to realign its approach with the recent hiring of founder Diane Greene VMware to run your company new image cloud - cloud Google unifying divisions for work, the cloud platform and Google Apps - the company has been touted as a serious rival market .

"Clearly, Google is trying to take advantage of the paradigm shift in computing," said Robert Stroud, Infrastructure and operations analyst at Forrester Research.

"Google already has a presence in the coverage including Google Cloud Platform.

"The goal of the company is channeling cloud resources to create serious momentum in the market. Now, the path to success will not happen overnight.

"That said, with resources including people and cash, demand offerings stack and market knowledge, it has the elements to differentiate and compete in this rapidly growing market."

Conclusions of analysts in 2015 that the four main suppliers - AWS, Microsoft, IBM and Google - have 54 percent market share, controlling more than half of the industry cloud infrastructure services in the whole world.

Since 54 percent of the market they have, Synergy Research reports that Amazon is 29 percent; Microsoft, 12 percent; IBM, 7 percent; and Google, the 6 percent.

So in essence, Microsoft, IBM and Google combine to 25 percent of the market, compared to 29 percent of Amazon.

But the future, estimates of analysts Stroud found serious cause AWS cloud Google, Microsoft and IBM severe pain points in 2016 and beyond.

"Beware of AWS," says Stroud, "the real winner here is the consumer of cloud services

"With the entry of Google reoriented, not only will be a strong pressure on prices, accelerating innovation will accelerate, so the public cloud even most of their options load calculation work."

That said, rightly points out that AWS Stroud, Microsoft and IBM have the advantage of being established.

"Moreover, without investing in innovation and go beyond infrastructure as a service game very commodities, it could also be a spiral of reduction could be a feature of the cloud in 2016," She added in .

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