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How to Pass AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam?

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam

Passing an AWS solution architect associate exam is not so difficult because there is no need to memorize the entire API’s or configuration details, there is a requirement of getting knowledge of some basic and important topics. Implementing and deploying applications on AWS is the best way of preparing for the exam, but if the person has never done it practically then  given below are the topics which one should get knowledge about prior to taking the AWS associate exam.


It is a software defined network and one should know about it, an individual should be familiar with the differences between public and private subnets. 2 other main topics that need to be considered important to get knowledge about are:
  • Security groups
  • Network ACLs

The AWS solution architect exam may contain multiple questions about the concepts of VPC.


It is necessary to know in which cases a person can rely on different instance IPs or DNS names. Other than that it is also important to know when volume data is preserved or lost. Going through autoscalling guide is a must prior to taking the exam, a few important things that one should know about and understand well includes
  • Autoscalling groups
  • Triggers
  • Instance termination policies
  • Cooldowns

Cloud architecture

The AWS solution architect associate  exam may include how to build batch processing service or e-commerce website so a person should have knowledge about it. It is necessary to know that which service permits to:
  • Decouple components
  • Build scalable share-nothing architecture
  • Protect data
Information related to the disaster recover scenarios is also beneficial when taking AWS exam because there are questions in the exam that are linked to it and linked to building high available systems.
Other than the above mentioned topics, there are a few more topics that if a person gets knowledge about them will surely prove beneficial and that includes:
  • AWS solution architect exam candidate should pay focus on getting information about IAM Users, Groups, Roles and Policies.
  • He/she should know about different options of storage.
  • A candidate should not leave getting the information of RDS and DynamoDB which are also in the list of important topics.
  • He/she should get knowledge about Automating cloud architecture with CloudFormation.
  • It is necessary to know about whitepapers.
  • One should be well aware of the difference between application services (PaaS)
  •  He/she should know about Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS.
The time that is given for the AWS solution architect associate exam is 80 minutes, which is enough for completing it and it is available in many different languages, so individuals who know other languages than English can take it. A person can practice before taking the exam for which the registration fees is low but the practice assists a lot in passing the exam and the AWS exam enhances the knowledge. The individuals who can take the AWS exam should have detailed knowledge of minimum 1 high-level programming language and he/she should be able to identify the need for an AWS-based application.

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AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Questions

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