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Sunday, October 11, 2015

AWS re:Invent 2015: Throwing a Snowball at the hardware market

Hardware vendors are constantly moving in and software offerings in the cloud, but it is not often that a cloud provider to launch a material supply and that is exactly what AWS has snowballed.

Indeed, the offer data transfer is part of the equipment and room services. AWS snowball is a transport device petabyte scale data transfer 50 TB per unit data into and out of AWS. Proof devices Secure and free manipulations are delivered to the customer, full of data, and then sent back to AWS and put in the cloud.

AWS Storage Services Vice President, Bill Vass, described the deal as an important tool for migrating customer data.

"As customers realize that your data contains key information that can lead to a competitive advantage, try to get as much data as quickly as possible AWS" he said.

The cloud provider, said one of the major pain points for clients was the time it takes to load large amounts of data.

While many in the AWS community partners are excited about the snowball, Australian partners still have the challenge of facing delays in services be available locally.

Australia Marketing Organization, Global Network, all the infrastructure is rebuilt in the AWS platform and is one of the providers of public cloud called his all-in technology partners.

Director of Global Information Network, Kartik Rao, said one of the challenges of being an Australian company using AWS is the deadline for delivery of services.

"Often there are delays in some services that come to our region," he said.

"For example, last year I'm here [AWS re: Invent]... Last year, it was announced Lambda was very exciting, we saw hundreds of applications for it Unfortunately, Lambda still unavailable in Sydney Availability of services essential is a challenge.

Bullets news director, John Ferlito, echoed the sentiments of Rao and added delays are just part of being on the other side of the world.

The cloud provider of Australia was one of the founding partners, when AWS local store opened in 2012. Bulletproof was the first member of the Asia-Pacific region, announced the re: Invent 2013. Ferlito he said RNA ago few weeks, the Company was also named AWS Partner managed service provider (MSP) partner.

"Sometimes, some of the new services will be available in AWS announced the US East or West of the United States, so it may take some time to get to Sydney," Ferlito said. "There is also a question that Sydney is less than three availability zones so that some of the products and services are difficult to handle.

"It's not so bad, however, you can implement other solutions. It is sometimes frustrating because you know there is an offer and has Australian customers who want to use and you can not help, wait until you get here, but AWS is working on this and the gap is narrowing.

"The other important thing is to keep track of all the changes and all new offers, is almost a full-time now."

The launch of the snowball is one of the big announcements for Ferlito, who says he will solve many of the pain points for customers and more business in the future.

"Move data backup around a big problem. If you think of a law firm that mass must keep records for seven years or organizations that must contain a lot of video, such as airports, which could be petabytes of data.You can not be sent through the network. It simply takes too long. So this is the snowball pretty interesting

"Actually, it's really the key, we have the rare customer who has bucket loads of data that needs to move, but the huge pain point for many companies.

"Sometimes the strange story of a hybrid operation of the company in which the workload is running locally and decided to break in the cloud when lack of local resources, and then pull it back he heard. It is good if you do not have a lot of data to move, but if you have a couple of terabytes of data, it takes just not move.

"Customers workloads with backup who want to leave the band and local storage and [AWS] S3, having Snowball units delivered and be able to put it in a box and send it back and has automatically in online is great.

"They ship One in Australia, but the problem for us is the issue would be expensive as it is imported from the United States or the American West. You can make a reproduction of S3 to copy again if you were in Sydney, although there are options there. I would be very surprised if the service has not been transferred to Australia too. I'm sure it's just a matter of creating a young boy in a place where they put in, connecting and magic happens. "

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