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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Amazon could cut prices and launch a super-fast

Amazon could cut prices and launch a super-fast database to take on Oracle and SAP next week:

Amazon AWS hold its annual re: Invent technology conference next week in Las Vegas, where he talks to customers about its popular Web Services cloud computing service Amazon.

There is a rumor that the new product could be announced: a new ultra fast data base "in memory".

At least that Merrill Lynch thinks Justin Post

"Amazon can will announce new products database, such as database memory or services databases higher as Aurora (MySQL) performance," he wrote in a research note earlier this week Post written to,

An in-memory database is running in the memory of a computer, instead of storing the computer, and can handle quantities of data "impious" almost instantaneous speeds, such as Oracle, Larry Ellison described President Once Oracle version of this product. The memory option is one of the central means Oracle is convincing is huge customer base to spend your last database, Oracle 12c.

SAP is also a major player here. Try taking his large stable enterprise software customers outside the Oracle database and its own alternative in memory, Hana. Bet all your company in the database of Hana, the president admitted earlier this year.

Amazon already offers a variety of ways to make databases in the cloud memory (including SAP Hana), and a variety of their own data bases orchard.

However, Amazon says its work on multiple databases, saying in a job for a database developer (emphasis added), "These are exciting times in our space - are growing fast, but still at an early stage and to work on new ambitious initiatives, where an engineer at any level can have a significant technical and commercial impact. "

If Amazon is introducing a new database data in memory, it will not make happy Oracle or SAP.

The databases are bits of software in the commercial operations of a dependent. Companies do not do very often or very easily. But providers of databases are known for some pretty draconian methods to extort their customers for money. As companies rush to cloud computing, many do not care to find less expensive alternatives based data.

And Amazon is the cheapest, the king of cost cutting cloud world.

Amazon is still cutting prices. In July, prices fell AWS 49 times and he just announced another drop in prices of its storage service in September.

And Amazon for a new round of cost reductions should be. It is said to be released to his program next week.

He was given the reduced costs of the war a name in the industry: The Race to Zero. This means that over time some cloud providers, especially cloud storage will reduce the low price, they will give them for free. (In fact, earlier this year, Google went ahead and did it with their application photos. He threw the unlimited, free.)

So as it grows in the Amazon database services, reduce costs along the way, companies may be willing to give a new test database.

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