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Thursday, March 30, 2017

UKFast Opens Trapdoor under prices, Thumbs nose at AWS

The UK offers UK accommodation UKFast lowered its prices for overnight accommodation Openstack said, taking a burst of AWS.

The lowest prices refer to the UKFast Flex eCloud platform and the company says it has lowered its prices by up to 44 percent. Several discounts are available for wholesale purchases, including 30 percent for customers who have a three-year contract.

"It was very good for our industry where AWS entered the market as it fosters innovation and forces around the world to develop their game," said CEO Laurence Jones.

"But it is easy in the business to become a victim of their own success and I believe AWS because of its size as it is unable to match the level of support provided by some of the smaller British hosts and cloud games."

Jones added: "There is a lot of confusion as to how certain elastic and null products have a price clients end up paying a lot more than they expected while hidden costs arose .."

Is not wrong. While UKFast put their bids on a price calculator on a page, Amazon has a multitude of calculators and a wide range of options to choose from.

ECloud Flex UKFast said in a statement, it allows developers to "build and generate individual virtual machines programmatically with all virtual hosting platforms with the provided OpenStack APIs."

"The popularity of Flex is not a surprise," said the company, "but it has allowed us to expand the product and now we pass on the benefits to our customers. The investments we have made in our data centers mean that we now offer the cloud to A more competitive price.

The big elephant in the room to choose AWS is the cost of network out or bandwidth. Up to 10 tons / month bandwidth of the public Internet network Amazon EC2 (London area) on demand will cost you $ 0.09 / GB - $ 180 per month if you use all 10TB - then charge that UKFast To 10 TB of public Internet network bandwidth is £ 32.00 / month or $ 39.71.

On the other hand, an AWS "hard disk" can be moved from one server to another. Additionally, AWS scales for self-efficacy, which makes it more or less perfectly the highest amount of NIS bar leaving your wallet.

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